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May 2023 Open Thread

As part of our mission to promote awareness and mature discussions of third parties and independent candidates, Independent Political Report hosts a monthly open thread. Readers may use this thread to share news and stories about third parties and independent candidates not found elsewhere.

The Independent Political Report editorial team, in addition, kindly asks that readers remember our Civility Policy. Readers may find a list of current policies in the website’s footer.


  1. Stewart Flood June 5, 2023

    You should get some sort of bio/background article written about him for a IPR. It has not been done in a number of years, but the third-party community should organize a series of debate between our respective candidates.

    Obviously, the biased media and corrupt political system will not any allow any of us on the main stage, but that does not mean we could not drum up some interest in our own series of debates. I am certain the new classical liberal party we are forming would be willing to be involved.

    Perhaps, if we showed them the candidates across as diverse a spectrum of positions as would be present, can be civil, and have an intelligent debate, it might point out the fallacy of the existing two party system.

  2. Ryan June 5, 2023

    Peter Sonski will be the nominee of the American Solidarity Party for the 2024 presidential election. He’s from Connecticut, has worked in journalism and communications for Catholic publications and a Catholic cathedral. He’s currently an elected school board member in Connecticut.

    At this point, the party has ballot access in Arkansas for next year’s election. In 2020 they had ballot access in 8 states (Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin) and write-in status in 39 others. This party has only been in 2 presidential elections previously but in both did excellent in garnering write-in votes, which to me shows it has grassroots support out there, at least in the terms of 3rd parties.

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