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Peter Sonski Chosen as American Solidarity Presidential Nominee on First Ballot

The American Solidarity Party selected Peter Sonski to head its presidential ticket after a single round of voting on Friday afternoon. Solidarists will convene again in a convention later this month to choose his running mate.

“We are pleased to introduce the American Solidarity’s presidential nominee for the 2024 election. After a very spirited and competitive campaign, our membership has bestowed the nomination on Peter Sonski,” the official Twitter account stated on Friday afternoon.

According to party leadership, Sonski secured the nomination on the first round of primary voting, earning 52% of first preference votes. The American Solidarity Party conducts internal elections using ranked-choice voting. The party leadership has not yet disclosed the exact vote totals to the public. However, it was mentioned on their official Twitter account that the tabulation process is still ongoing as of this past weekend.

Sonski, a lifelong New Englander, is a Connecticut municipal official actively serving his term. He is the outgoing treasurer of Regional School District #17, which services the towns of Haddam and Killingworth. He was first elected to the board in 2019 as a Republican. Before that, Sonski was a member of the Somers Board of Selectman, akin to the primary governing council in most New England communities, and Chair of its local Board of Finance.

In his professional life, Sonski spent seven years as the Director of Communications for the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Before that, he was Assistant Editor at National Catholic Register. Sonski is also a United States Marine.

While Sonski doesn’t specify any campaign issues yet, his campaign website harkens back to the official American Solidary Party’s vision. In particular, their commitment to social justice, environmentalism, international solidarity, the sanctity of life, and economic security.

The American Solidarity Party is an emerging party focusing on the consistent life ethic, economic justice, and environmental stewardship. Its supporters define it as a Christian Democracy party and consider themselves pro-life, pro-family, and pro-worker. The party was first organized in 2011 and adopted its American Solidarity name the following year. However, it would not field its first presidential candidate until 2016.

The party platform touches upon several topical issues. They include but are not limited to the expansion of religious liberty beyond “freedom of worship,” increasing trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve by using “body cameras, civilian review boards, and expansion of community policing,” a right-to-life approach that spans from conception to natural death, universal access to affordable mental healthcare, and a foreign policy of non-intervention built upon the “just war theory.”

The American Solidarity Party will convene in Plano, Texas, on June 30 for its first in-person national convention in conjunction with the Texas Solidarity Party. It will select Sonski’s running mate at such a time.


  1. Thomas L Knapp June 6, 2023


    I guess it depends on who you ask. Among Marines, it’s usually “once a Marine, always a Marine.” But most make exceptions for those who got kicked out or deserted.

  2. NewFederalist June 6, 2023

    I thought ex-Marine was the pejorative… dishonorably discharged etc. I thought former Marine was okay.

  3. Stewart Flood June 5, 2023

    Platform aside, they certainly have a great logo. Not sure how easily it translates on shirts, and it does require full color on signs, but I like it.

    It would be interesting to see them debate a Constitution Party candidate.

  4. Thomas L Knapp June 5, 2023

    “Sonski is also a former United States Marine.”

    Unless he is dead or was dishonorably discharged, he is not a “former” Marine. That’s a “for life” thing.

  5. Ryan June 5, 2023

    Per a commenter at Ballot Access News:

    Peter Sonski of Connecticut, 328 – 52%
    Jacqueline Abernathy of Texas, 207 – 33%
    Joe Schriner of Ohio, 50 – 8%
    Larry Johnson of Colorado, 24 – 4%
    Erskine Levi of California , 16 – 3%

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