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Loretta Nall: “It’s only a crime to be an addict if you are poor”

By Loretta Nall by way of Free Patriot Press. Nall was endorsed for Governor by the Libertarian Party of Alabama in 2006. She ran as a write-in.

by: Loretta Nall

Or so says Dennis Knizley, attorney for Mobile County Commissioner Steve Nodine.

According to the Press-Register Knizley had this to say after being asked by a reporter if Nodine had a drug problem.… Read more ...

Green Party of Florida calls on Obama and Crist to declare State of Emergency for the Gulf Coast

A press release sent to me via e-mail by the Green Party of Florida:

We sent this out yesterday to the governor and the media…



For Immediate Release – April 29, 2010
Contact:  Michael Canney  (352) 278 4031  alachuagreen@gmail.com

Green Party of Florida calls on President Obama and Governor Crist to declare immediate State of Emergency on Gulf Coast in response to oil rig disaster; all available federal and state resources must be mobilized to protect threatened communities and wildlife habitats in four states

Eleven oil rig workers died in the April 20 explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling platform, operated by oil giant British Petroleum.
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David Walter: ‘Are you concerned about our nation’s future?’

Posted on the front page of http://www.walterforcongress.com/

David Walter is a Constitution Party candidate, and is currently the only alternative party/independent candidate seriously trying to get on the ballot for Congress in Alabama. He is running in District 1, which covers all of Mobile, Baldwin, Monroe, Washington and Escambia counties and part of Clarke county.… Read more ...

Field report: Petitioning for Constitution Party at Alabama Tea Parties

Posted by me (Paulie) in comments on a previous post; slightly edited:

Libertarians question Republican participation in Tea Parties

I attended three tea parties [April 15, 2010] in south Alabama.

I was petitioning to put the Constitution Party on the ballot for Congress.

[I’m a Libertarian, but] the LP candidate always runs as a write in, and neither he nor the state election officials can tell me how many votes he got in any year except 2002, when we had ballot access; additionally, he is rabidly pro-war in the middle east, which I greatly dislike in a federal candidate.… Read more ...

Sitting State Senator rejected by Alabama Republicans for primary, ponders running as an independent

Ballot Access News:

On April 3, officers of the state Alabama Republican Party voted to prevent State Senator Harri Anne Smith from placing her name on the June 1 primary ballot. She wants to run for re-election to the State Senate, 29th district, in southeast Alabama.

The party said she was denied the right to file because in 2008 she endorsed a Democrat, Bobby Bright, for U.S.

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The Modern Whig Party’s first elected official weighs in on his connections to the party

Last November, when the Modern Whig Party was claiming to have elected its first person, IPR wrote this:

The Modern Whig Party – which seeks to cater to disenchanted Democrats and Republicans – has announced that it has its first win under its belt only months after forming. It is unclear from the press releasewhether he ran for office under the Modern Whig banner or not, but according to a commenter he ran as a Democrat.

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Motorhome Diaries: John Sophocleus Fights AL DOT’s Use of Eminent Domain

John Sophocleus was the 2002 Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of Alabama. I worked on his campaign.


The description of the video at Motorhome Diaries:

When visiting the good folks at the http://mises.org the http://motorhomehomediaries crew were told about John Sophocleus, a professor who’s property the Alabama Department of Transportation was attempting to seize.Read more ...

Party Secretary Sarah Wires: Libertarian Party of Alabama convention report

By Sarah Wires. I will try to do my own writeup on my blog later, maybe and/or am available anytime for phone interviews about my recollections, ideas etc if anyone wants to do one. For some background see a pre-convention post on IPR and comments on it. Disclosure: I was an active participant in the factional dispute at the convention.… Read more ...

Alabama Libertarians: prospective candidates, upcoming coalition meetings, business plan progress

Original IPR article by Paulie. Disclosure: I am a member of the executive committee of the Libertarian Party of Alabama, and actively involved with many of the coalition groups. For background, see my previous report on what we are doing in Alabama.

The Libertarian Party of Alabama executive committee and guests heard this past Saturday from several candidates seeking our nomination.… Read more ...

Sponsor for Alabama ballot access bill found; update on Libertarian Party of Alabama

Ballot Access News:

Alabama Representative Cam Ward (R-Alabaster) has agreed to introduce a bill to lower the number of signatures needed for minor parties and non-presidential independent candidates. He has been in the legislature since 2003. Thanks to Steven Gordon for this news.

Posted to IPR by Paulie.

Disclosure: I am a member of the executive committee of the Libertarian Party of Alabama.… Read more ...

Huntsville Times: ‘State law needs to give other candidates a fair shot at election’

Editorial published in the Huntsville Times

State law needs to give other candidates a fair shot at election

Sometimes it seems that every shortcoming or excess in state or local laws manages to end up in a federal court somewhere, usually framed as a constitutional question. Even so, grievances that do not rise to the level of constitutional violations may still beg to be addressed.… Read more ...