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WCSH Portland: New Poll, the Race for Governor Remains in Dead Heat

(The following was originally published in WCSH.)

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The race for governor remains a statistical dead heat between Republican Gov. Paul LePage and Democrat Mike Michaud..

This is all according to a University of New Hampshire Survey Center poll commissioned by the Portland Press Herald and the Maine Sunday Telegram.… Read more ...

Lincoln County News: Time to “Reboot”, Cutler Tells Southport Gathering


(The following was originally published in the Lincoln County News.)

Maine voters need to give Democrats and Republicans a “time out,” independent candidate for governor Eliot Cutler said at Southport Town Hall, Tuesday, June 17.

“I am highly confident we are going to show Mr. LePage the door,” Cutler said.Read more ...

Put Cutler, Michaud, LePage on a Stage, and What Does it Show?


(The following was originally published in the Bangor Daily News.)

In January, independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler issued a challenge to his two opponents in Maine’s 2014 gubernatorial contest: Agree to a debate in each of Maine’s 16 counties.

“There are only three of us in this race, and in light of how important this election is for Maine’s future, Maine people deserve a full airing of our ideas over the course of this campaign,” Cutler wrote in a letterto Republican Gov.… Read more ...

Maine Education Needs Eliot Cutler


(The following is an Op-Ed piece from Bangor Daily News that was also published on Independent Maine gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler’s campaign website.)

As a veteran Maine public school teacher, I applaud independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler’s educational proposals. It is only through strong leadership in Augusta that we can turn around the crisis in many Maine schools that lack resources to deal with the problems.… Read more ...

Cutler Calls For Voting Reform On Maine Primary Day


(The following was originally published in the Maine Sun Journal.)

LEWISTON — Eliot Cutler, an independent candidate for governor in Maine, was taking the opportunity Tuesday to call attention to state election laws he said were unfair and did not reflect a true democracy.

“We have let money and special interests corrupt our politics and steal our democracy right out from under us,” Cutler said in a prepared statement issued by his campaign staff.Read more ...

NY Times: Senate Could Hinge On Independent, Angus King

Angus King is, by all accounts, doing well in his Independent run to claim the open U.S. Senate seat in Maine formerly held by Republican Olympia Snow. Polling shows him way ahead and most people expect him to win the seat, barring a major campaign blunder in the coming months. Now the New York Times is taking notice of King too and predicting that he could play a major role in the future of the U.S.… Read more ...

Angus King Declares as Independent for U.S. Senate in Maine, Democrats May Not Run Anyone

Angus King is a former two-term Independent Governor of Maine from 1995 until 2003. He has, since then, served as a distinguished lecturer at Bowdoin College and Bates College. He is also been working at a law firm in Portland, Maine. King also endorsed Eliot Cutler in Maine’s 2010 Gubernatorial election campaign–Cutler was running as an independent and narrowly lost to Republican Paul LePage.… Read more ...

Eliot Cutler Launches PAC for Moderates

Former Maine gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler, who lost his race by 2 points last November to Republican Paul LePage, continues to remain active in politics. The Portland Press Herald has the latest news:

Former independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler said Tuesday night that he will form a political action committee for moderates who feel disconnected from the political parties.

Read more ...

Independent Eliot Cutler “Unlikely” To Challenge Snowe In 2012

From National Review Online:

Eliot Cutler, the 2010 independent gubernatorial candidate that lost by less than two percent of the vote to now-Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) told Hotline On Call Saturday that it’s “unlikely” that he will challenge Sen. Olympia Snowe (R) in 2012.

While he did not definitively rule out a future run for any office, Cutler did not sound at all like a Senate candidate, saying he has “no desire to live in Washington.”

Read more ...

Eliot Cutler on Civil Discourse

Eliot Cutler, the Independent candidate for Governor in Maine who came within 2% of victory in 2010, recently posted a note on Facebook entitled “Civil Discourse”. I have quoted it in full, as it appears no other news outlets have picked it up.

When I decided, early in my campaign for governor, that I would not engage in any negative campaigning, I was warned by my advisors and consultants that this would be a big mistake, that negative campaigning would be directed against me and that I would need to respond .

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Eliot Cutler News Roundup

  • The Maine Commission on Government Ethics and Election Practices held a meeting Monday to clear up an issue still lingering from the gubernatorial election. The issue? Somebody had created an anonymous website attacking Independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler.

The end result of the meeting was the disclosure of the authors of the website.… Read more ...