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A Conversation With Independent State Representative Ben Chipman

Two nights ago Ross Levin and I interviewed Maine’s newest Independent state legislator, Ben Chipman. This previous article has a bit of background:

Ben Chipman is a Green Party activist in Maine and was elected to the state legislature this year as an independent… Chipman has been a Green Party activist for a long time, including being an aide to Maine’s only former Green state legislator and a member of the Portland Charter Commission.

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Eliot Cutler’s Wall Street Journal Op-Ed

Independent Eliot Cutler recently penned an  op-ed for the Wall Street Journal. He finished within 2% of the winning Republican candidate, Paul LePage, in the Maine gubernatorial contest. You can read the full thing here, but below is an excerpt:

To begin with, early voting diminishes the already scant attention voters pay to the issues in an election campaign.

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Independent candidates have run strong in most of the last ten gubernatorial elections in Maine


From Gordon Weil at Maine’s Morning Sentinel:

Since 1974, when Maine began to see credible independent candidates for governor, there have been 10 gubernatorial elections in Maine. Independents ran in nine of them.

Only two were won by candidates who captured a majority of the vote. In other words, eight of the last 10 Maine governors were elected by less than half of the voters.… Read more ...

Maine Greens Applaud Passage of Instant Runoff Voting in Portland

By way of Green Party Watch:


Maine Green Independent Party Candidates who ran for the office of state house and state senate ran strong campaigns, often finishing a close second in the race Tuesday night. Fred Horch, of Brunswick, ran a close second with 34% of the vote in District 66.… Read more ...

Poli-Tea: Election Highlights


For now, an overview of some significant results from the 2010 elections:

• Rhode Island has elected its first Independent governor, Lincoln Chafee
• In Maine’s gubernatorial race, Independent candidate Eliot Cutler’s last minute surge was not enough to overcome the gap between himself and the Republican front-runner. 

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Maine Race for Governor: Independent Cutler Concedes in Close Race

From the Portland Press Herald, Eliot Cutler’s Statement on Concession via TPID:

At noon today I will announce at a press conference here in Portland that I have spoken with Mayor Paul LePage and congratulated him on his victory. The results that are available to us this morning are unofficial and informal, but I believe that it is unlikely that there will be a material change in the outcome.… Read more ...

Moderate Party retains ballot access in Rhode Island; independent Chafee wins for Governor

From the Results Liveblog posted last night:

Moderate Party candidate [for Governor] Ken Block pulled off a surprisingly strong showing of 6.5%. This gives his party ballot access.

Also in Rhode Island, independent Lincoln Chafee’s lead held up and he is the Governor-elect.

No other independents won for Governor, although Eliot Cutler came close in Maine and was in the lead for part of the night.… Read more ...

Independent Eliot Cutler in the lead in Maine gubernatorial race

In an unexpected final surge of support in the only poll that really matters, independent for Maine governor Eliot Cutler looks to be headed toward a possible win.  With the Bangor Daily News reporting from 137 out of 596 precincts, Cutler has 38 percent.  His closest opponent, a Republican, has about 32.5 percent, and that’s a difference of about 8,000 votes. … Read more ...

ME-Gov: Independent Eliot Cutler Receives Avalanche of Endorsements

In Maine’s gubernatorial race, it appears that Independent candidate Eliot Cutler has all the momentum.  Republican front-runner Paul LePage has maintained a weak lead with roughly 33% support in the polls, while support has begun to erode for Democrat Libby Mitchell.  But support for Cutler has doubled over the last month, leaving him poised to give LePage a run for his money on election day. … Read more ...

Maine Gov: Independent Cutler Poised to Overtake Democrat, Many Voters Remain Undecided


From the Portland Press Herald:

A dramatic shift appears to have occurred among voters in Maine’s gubernatorial race and in one congressional contest, according to a new independent poll released Thursday.  Independent Eliot Cutler moved up substantially to a statistical second-place tie with Democrat Libby Mitchell, who lost support compared with earlier polls.

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Maine Gov race: Democrats and Republicans Boost Independent Eliot Cutler

From the Journal Tribune via TPID:

Maine’s two major political parties have been doing a marvelous job advocating for one of the state’s gubernatorial candidates. But neither Democrats nor Republicans are making a convincing case for their own party’s nominee. The aspirant they’ve unwittingly been boosting is an independent. .… Read more ...

Independent Eliot Cutler at 21% in new poll, ‘other’ at 6%

From Rasmussen:

The latest Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Voters shows LePage picking up 35% of the vote, while Mitchell draws support from 32%. Democrat-turned-independent Eliot Cutler now earns 21% of the vote. Six percent (6%) prefer some other candidate, and another six percent (6%) are undecided. (For survey question wording, click here

In five surveys conducted since June, LePage, the mayor of Waterville, has earned 35% to 45% of the vote.

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