Eliot Cutler Launches PAC for Moderates

Former Maine gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler, who lost his race by 2 points last November to Republican Paul LePage, continues to remain active in politics. The Portland Press Herald has the latest news:

Former independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler said Tuesday night that he will form a political action committee for moderates who feel disconnected from the political parties.

OneMaine will raise money and help candidates “of any stripe” who are willing to work across party lines, Cutler said during a social gathering at Empire Dine and Dance on Congress Street. “It’s important for this state that people of good will have a place to come together and help solve problems,” he said.

He said he plans to form OneMaine in June.

Cutler, while continuing thank-you events for supporters all over the state and working with the group No Labels, denies current plans to run for Senate in 2012 or Governor again in 2014.

“It’s far too early to think about anything like (running in 2014), but it’s not too early to create a political gathering place for the thousands of Mainers who no longer feel connected to a political party,” Cutler said.

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