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LP Judicial Committee Issues Statement; Declines To Rule On November Appeal

Dr. George Phillies                       Dr. Mary Ruwart

On 19 November 2021 IPR covered an appeal made to the Judicial Committee by Dr. George Phillies regarding the exact nature of the bylaws-required process to be followed by the LNC for the election of a new chair (or vice-chair, should the bylaws indeed require automatic ascension of the vice-chair).… Read more ...

Vermin Supreme: Vermin Has Returned!

The following is the latest press release from Libertarian Judicial Committee member Vermin Supreme.  Supreme was a leading candidate for the Libertarian Party’s 2020 presidential nomination, finishing third overall.  The party selected his chosen running mate, Spike Cohen, as its vice presidential nominee at the 2020 Libertarian National Convention.


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Ian Epstein of Libertarian Party of Oregon PAC Asks for Clarification of August’s Judicial Committee Ruling

It appears that the PAC called the Libertarian Party of Oregon still wants to become the Libertarian Party of Oregon political party affiliate as opposed to being a PAC.

The following letter has been sent to M Carling:

memorandumJudComm Clarification Request (1)

Carling promises a response, and we will update the article when we receive that response.… Read more ...

LP Judicial Committee Meets Tomorrow to Reconsider Prior JC Decision re Oregon Affiliate; Carling Will Not Recuse Himself

LP Oregon

The Libertarian Party’s Judicial Committee meets tomorrow in a virtual meeting to discuss whether they will overturn the prior Judicial Committee’s decision from 2011 regarding the ongoing, complicated matter of who the legitimate affiliate for the Oregon LP is.

IPR has written at length about the dispute, and the reader can learn about the 2011 events from this article.Read more ...

Exchange between LNC Chair Mark Hinkle and Judicial Committee Chair Bill Hall on Wagner vs. LNC

Emailed to IPR by a member of the Judicial Committee (not Bill Hall). For background and links to even earlier stories, see here.

From Mark Hinkle:

Dear JC Chairman Bill Hall,

I’ve read the clarification of the LP JC decision regarding Wagner vs. the LNC.

I have a question for the entire JC regarding this statement:

“Until such time as that occurs, the LNC must continue to treat the
Wagner group of LPO officers similar to other LP state-level affiliate
officers (for example, by providing monthly data dumps, and
recognition on the lp.org… Read more ...

Last Day of LP National Convention, Meeting of New LNC

The last day of the National Convention consisted of the last officer elections and, after the convention was adjourned, a meeting of the new Libertarian National Committee.

The election for the five open at-large seats on the LNC were held early this morning. Nominated candidates were: Dr. Tom Stevens, Wayne Root, Kevin Knedler, John Jay Myers, Lee Wrights, Rebecca Sink-Burris, Judge Jim Gray, Sam Sloan, Bill Redpath, Dr.… Read more ...

Petitions of Denver Libertarian National Convention delegates and sustaining members against the removal of Lee Wrights from the LNC

We received the following email at contact.ipr@gmail.com from George Phillies, as well as a similar email from Rachel Hawkridge:

A caucus of concerned Libertarians has launched a petition drive to the Libertarian Party Judicial Committee, asking that the Judicial Committee overturn fraudulent claims by part of the LNC that Lee Wrights has ceased to be an LNC member.

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