Former Governor Gary Johnson launches Our America PAC

The New Mexico Telegram reports that former Governor Gary Johnson has launched a Super PAC for the purpose of supporting pro-freedom candidates throughout the United States. The PAC will be called Our America PAC.

Johnson, who served two terms as New Mexico’s governor, was the Libertarian Party candidate for President in 2012.

“From the realities of government-run healthcare setting in to the continuing disclosures of the breadth of NSA’s domestic spying, more Americans than ever are ready to take a serious look at candidates who offer real alternatives to business-as-usual,” the release announcing the PAC said.

The PAC will make independent expenditures to aid the libertarian-leaning candidates

The New Mexico Telegram notes that the new PAC will be separate from Gov. Johnson’s Our America Initiative.

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14 thoughts on “Former Governor Gary Johnson launches Our America PAC

  1. Jed Ziggler

    Now let’s see if he supports Libertarian Party candidates, or “libertarian Republican candidates”, which I still insist are mythical creatures outside of 1 or 2 notable exceptions.

  2. paulie

    That’s silly. First up nothing on this says LP. Second, unlimited contributions are not against LP ideology. Third, if it is a Libertarian superpac it is not the first one. Fourth, the problem with large corporate donations is that they could be buying favor from government, but libertarians can’t offer any since we want government to be too small to give out any favors. Thus the only possible reason to donate to libertarians is because of agreement with libertarian views, not rent seeking as with establishment candidates.

  3. Jed Ziggler

    I do hope the PAC makes its donors public, as that what Johnson called for in the debate.

  4. J. Clifford

    Selling out to fat cats and corporations may not be against Libertarian ideology, Paulie, but that doesn’t make it a good idea. Antics like this are what keep voters from trusting Libertarians as an ethical alternative.

  5. paulie

    Once again

    1) Nothing in the release said the candidates would be LP candidates. Johnson has run as both a Republican and Libertarian in the past and has also at a minimum considered running as an independent an/or Americans Elect candidate. Latest word from him as far as I know is that if he runs again he’s not sure with what party that will be if any.

    2) Selling out means betrayig your principles in exchange for cash or something else of value. That’s different from accepting money to do more of exactly what you were going to do with or without that money.. Selling out also implies having something to sell, in the case of politicians – government favors. But Libertarians couldn’t sell government favors because the government would be too small to give out any favors worth buying.

    Therefore I reject the charge of selling out.

  6. paulie

    Something your argument overlooks, Paulie, is that small government IS a giveaway to corporations and wealthy individuals.

    I strongly disagree. Corporations are chartered by, immunized from responsibility for their actions by, bailouted by and subsidized by government in many ways – direct and indirect. Meantime government strangles their small business competition with red tape.

    Likewise the government’s “safety net” is really just a trapper’s net for the poor. Poverty was on the way down in the US…until the “war on poverty” and has stagnated ever since.

    The drug war has also devastated people at the bottom end of the economic pile…as have numerous government policies which directly or indirectly encourage dependence and discourage entrepreneurship.

    Government schools were created for the purpose of, and generally succeeded at, turning a nation of entrepreneurs into a nation of cannon fodder, clock punchers, and corporate and government employees.

    The vast majority of government wealth transfers, direct and indirect, despite the rhetoric of both the political left and right, are upward.

    Poor folks are screwed over the most by big government, and wealthy and connnected individuals and corporations helped out the most by it.

    But even if you were correct, it would still not constitute “selling out” – see above.

  7. Gene Berkman

    It is necessary to raise campaign funds to enable campaigns to communicate with voters. A campaign without financial backing is not taken seriously. We need more campaign funds for Libertarian candidates, and hopefully the Our America PAC will enable stronger campaigns by pro-freedom candidates.

    Less government does more to even the playing field than any government intervention. Government intervention inevitably favors the well-connected and the influential, at the expense of society at large.

    Corporations do benefit from limited government, if their business is to satisfy consumers rather than to get government contracts. So there is no reason to take seriously the anti-capitalist arguments of Mr Clifford. History has proven his views to be incompatible with freedom and prosperity.

  8. Steve M

    I claim that big government with big regulatory agencies are the sell out to big business.

    The regulations end up being written by the big businesses and are written to keep small businesses from competing with the established big businesses.

  9. paulie

    Very true.

    And they also disadvantage small business in other ways Big business is much more able to comply with voluminous regulatios, pay bribes, or pay fines.

    Tax code, regulations and tying medical insurance to employment along with price spiral in medical costs due to government interventions in the medical market keep people chained as corporate/government emloyees or welfare recipients rather than going into business for themselves.

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