Green Party Places a Statewide Judicial Nominee on Pennsylvania 2017 Ballot

Ballot Access News:

Pennsylvania holds statewide partisan elections for judicial offices on November 7, 2017. Voters will be asked to vote for four candidates for Superior Court, which is a statewide office. The Green Party petitioned for Jules Mermelstein for that office, and submitted 4,300 signatures. The requirement for that office for general election petitions is 2,500. No one challenged Mermelstein’s petition, so he will be on the ballot. The only other candidates are four Democrats and four Republicans.

The petition requirement for this office is lower than it has in the past, as a result of the U.S. District Court decision last year in Constitution Party v Cortes. The new requirements for statewide general election petitions, which were negotiated but not yet approved by the legislature, are 5,000 for the more important offices, and 2,500 for less important offices.

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