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Rumor: Tucker Carlson to seek LP presidential nomination

Reason’s Hit and Run blog is reporting that former MSNBC television host Tucker Carlson has been conducting phone polls of LP delegates to see if there’s any opening for a last-minute Presidential bid.

Delegates are reporting getting calls that include Carlson’s name with the other announced candidates already in the race.

This seems unlikely to me, but I could be wrong.

What do you folks think? Would Tucker get creamed if he throws his hat into the ring?

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Austin Cassidy


  1. Jason_Gatties Jason_Gatties May 23, 2008

    Well, as I said at LFV, I think this is just a rumor. Would I support Tucker over say Barr or Root? Sure.

    I also read a comment speculating that perhaps Tucker is trying to align himself for potential VP votes, should Barr win the nomination.

  2. Dylan Waco Dylan Waco May 23, 2008

    Tucker was extremely kind to Dr. Paul and is pretty sensible on most issues. He has actually been more honest about his flaws and errors in judgment in the past then Barr has, despite being a media pundit a position where it never pays to admit you are wrong.

    Still I don’t see this being serious. I could see others trying to draft him as another big name, with a younger, less compromising profile then a Barr or Root, but I wonder if he himself is behind all this. This is a guy who was prognosticating on tv with Dan Abrams just days ago after all.

  3. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy Post author | May 23, 2008

    Tucker’s endorsement of Ron Paul is listed on the RP2008 website… and he claims to have voted for Paul in 1988.

    I guess Tucker was only about 19 at the time, though. Making it his first ever vote in a Presidential election.

  4. Dylan Waco Dylan Waco May 23, 2008

    Tucker took Kirchik to task on that show and pointed out that a man who is honest about everything, including highly controversial things, is not exactly the type to cover up un-pc views on race.

    In other words Tucker was also just about the only MSM guy to defend Paul during newsletter gate.

  5. MattSwartz MattSwartz May 23, 2008

    I didn’t see the show; it looks like I might have spoken out of turn. Anyway, it will be interesting to see what happens.

  6. G.E. G.E. May 23, 2008

    IMO: this is part of the Viguerie NeoConspiracy takeover bid. It’s push polling. People have the seed planted, “Tucker could be a candidate — cool!” And then he comes here and endorses Barr. Now those people are more inclined to support Barr.

  7. MattSwartz MattSwartz May 23, 2008

    I could almost tolerate Barr for what he is, and squelch my objections to his stances in hopes of growing the LP and hurting McCain in a memorable way, but the company he keeps is just too much.

  8. Trent Hill Trent Hill May 23, 2008

    Go Baldwin.

  9. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy Post author | May 23, 2008

    Maybe it’s the Barr folks testing out Carlson’s name for VP?

  10. Dylan Waco Dylan Waco May 23, 2008

    That would be a really smart tactic.

  11. Trent Hill Trent Hill May 23, 2008


    It’d be a wise maneuver. Tucker was/is popular amongst Paulites. He’s seen as a Media-Martyr.

  12. Jason_Gatties Jason_Gatties May 23, 2008


    Depending on what happens this weekend, I may end up saying “Go Baldwin” as well.

  13. gregsarnowski gregsarnowski May 23, 2008

    I don’t know what to think about Tucker. He is purportedly a Paul supporter, yet he orchestrated that smear involving the “Bunny Ranch” last year. “Prostitutes for Paul” or whatever it was. He is either extremely naïve about the way the media works (very unlikely) or that was an intentional effort to damage Paul’s reputation among Republican primary voters.

  14. Viverrid Viverrid May 23, 2008

    I think the possibility of him running for VP is a much more likely scenario than for him to seek the presidential nomination.

  15. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy Post author | May 23, 2008

    Which means he might only agree to be VP if Barr is the nominee.

    Barr/Carlson ’08

  16. RedPhillips RedPhillips May 23, 2008

    Tucker supported Paul, but he made it clear, I believe, that he didn’t agree with Paul on the Fed and gold.

    If he becomes a candidate he will have to go back to wearing a tie. If he agree to start wearing bow ties again, I might support him. SAVE THE BOW TIE!

  17. G.E. G.E. May 23, 2008

    Is Tucker’s show still on? The FEC won’t like that.

  18. gregsarnowski gregsarnowski May 23, 2008

    G.E., no it was cancelled a couple of months ago (presumably for low ratings).

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