Bob Barr to hold June 10 press conference on Iran

On Tuesday, June 10, 10:30 a.m., Bob Barr will be holding a press conference at the West-Side Terrace of the House Canon Office Building. The title of the conference is “Time to Talk with Iran.”

Thus far, Bob Barr’s press statements have largely reflected general libertarian principles, even as they have conflicted with statements the former congressman made before winning the LP nomination. Most Libertarians hope that Barr’s opinion on Iran has changed, as well.

IPR contributor Tom Knapp posted the following excerpt of a Barr statement on Iran from late last year:

Should Washington simply sit back and leave Iran alone — free to support terrorist groups and regimes in other countries, including Iraq, and to develop a nuclear capability? Of course not. Even considering that our lengthy and continuing occupation of Iraq has greatly strengthened Ahmadinejad, the United States has a clear and legitimate stake in what happens in Iran and with regard to matters in which that regime is involved elsewhere. … Positive steps could include strengthening economic and political pressure on Iran, and increased efforts to quietly but actively build on the deep base of political understanding that already exists among a large segment of the Iranian population (and including the more than one million Iranian-Americans).

Earlier, we reported on a Cato blog post that highlighted Barr’s past support for sanctions and embargoes.

Ron Paul, who many feel Bob Barr would like to emulate, has declared sanctions to be an “act of war.”

5 thoughts on “Bob Barr to hold June 10 press conference on Iran

  1. libertypoint

    Bob Barr may have run for the LP nomination as a “conservative,” but he’s beginning at least to talk like a libertarian as he runs for president.

    On Iraq: “The next president should commit to a speedy and complete withdrawal from Iraq and tell the Iraqi people that the U.S. troops will be going home.”

    On the insurance subsidy bill currently in Congress, he warns Congress should not socialize insurance for natural disasters and says “… it would be a triple play against the American people: taking money to bail out big corporations, subsidize home owners who want to live on the beach, and promote even more damage to environmentally sensitive areas.”

    On the revelation by former White House press secretary Scott McClellan that the Bush Administration engaged in a sustained “political propaganda campaign: “We need a president who cares more about protecting the people’s liberty than in getting reelected.”

    On talking to Iran, he says the fundamental challenge facing American foreign policy is not whether the U.S. talks to repressive regimes but “whether America will adopt a more restrained foreign policy focused on protecting the core interests of the United States and the American people.”

    He’s moving his policy statement in a libertarian direction:)

  2. Arthur Torrey

    Given that this is coming after getting the nomination, forgive me if my BS detector is redlining…

    Flip-flops are only good on a windshield wiper….


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  4. Arthur Torrey

    I’ve also gotten your question via e-mail, and the answer is yes, w/ minimal condition of assuring accuracy – hope to hear more from you soon, preferably by e-mail to work out details.


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