Charles Jay on the issues

Charles Jay has an attractive new Web site up for his bid to capture the White House in 2008. The site lists Jay as the candidate of the Utah-based Personal Choice Party, but he will also be vying for the Boston Tea Party‘s nomination, this coming Sunday.

Here’s an abbreviated look of where Jay stands on the issues:

Taxes: Jay is against the graduated income tax, and says he sees “user fees,” a national sales tax (excluding “necessities”), or even a flat tax on income as offering a “step in the right direction.” “But first things first,” says Jay. “There is way too much government waste, a product of the greed of politicians. That should be addressed before any tax reform is undertaken.” Jay’s stance is thus very similar to that of Bob Barr.

Education: Jay wants to eliminate the Department of Education “as it exists today.” He advocates school choice on the local level, and home schooling. He also sees great potential for home-based learning using the Internet.

Environment: Here Jay takes the libertarian hard line, calling for privatization as a means of preserving the environment, and blaming most environmental problems on the government itself.

Affirmative Action: Jay’s against it.

Health Care: Jay is more compromising in his position here, saying, “Simply dismissing [health care] as a problem the free market can solve is unrealistic, because you’re going to have elderly people, those under the poverty level, and others who would otherwise be considered uninsurable, and you can’t just sit back and let those people wither away and die.” He also supports Medical Savings Accounts and “drastically reducing the size and scope” of the FDA, or eliminating it altogether.

Gun Rights: “The right to bear arms also ensures the citizenry the right to protect itself FROM government. That right must never be taken away.”

Social Security: Jay calls it a “Ponzi Scheme” and say it should “ultimately” be eliminated.

War in Iraq: “We need more than to pull out of Iraq. We need to change the way we are currently looking at foreign policy, which now emphasizes pre-emption. These policies provide other nations with moral justification to attack us, because after all, the United States has far more weapons of mass destruction than anyone else.”

Campaign Finance Reform: Jay says McCain-Feingold rigs the system in favor of the two major parties and restricts free speech. The only way to reduce the influence of special interests, Jay says, is to reduce the amount of new legislation and restore the Constitution.

Gay Marriage: Jay supports equal rights for GLBT individuals and opposes efforts made by the federal government to define marriage. “Show me a married heterosexual couple that feels its union is threatened by the existence of gay marriages and I’ll show you a marriage that is weak enough to have problems under ANY circumstances.”

Line-Item Veto: Jay supports it.

The War on Drugs: Jay’s against it, and says education is the way to reduce demand for drugs.

Capital Punishment: Jay no longer supports the death penalty. He cites the socio-economic and racial disparities of its application, the penalty’s finality, and ultimately, his unwillingness to give the federal government the power of life and death over its citizens.

Abortion: Jay is pro choice, but he opposes federal funding for abortions. He says a woman’s body is her property and not the property of the government. He is not 100% decided on late-term abortions, however.


14 thoughts on “Charles Jay on the issues

  1. richardwinger

    The Personal Choice Party failed in its petition drive to get back on the Utah ballot this year. 2,000 signatures were required.

  2. inDglass

    I would guess it will be a handful, but hopefully the nomination this weekend will draw more attention and build support so that we can improve that.

    If not, “Charles Jay” would sure be an easy name to write-in!

  3. Mike Theodore

    I’m liking it. You all have to remember the goal of the BTP is not to actually win. Thus is why Knapp is not dropping out of the LP congress race. If his campaign gets organized, he has a chance there.

  4. G.E. Post author

    Line-item veto is a really bad idea because it puts more power in the hands of the executive — which has already taken too much power.

    But comparing it to the FraudTax?

    On the bad idea scale, with 10 being the worse possible idea and -10 being the best possible, I’d say the FairTax is a solid 9 and the line-item veto a 0.5.

  5. Mike Theodore

    I’m indifferent to the Fair Tax, because I don’t have all the answers. Compared to the current system, it seems better, but what do I know? Seriously, not much.
    The Line-item veto is a bad idea. Blunt, but true. Common sense, it would seem. Now every time the executive branch has said congress can’t do it’s job, so they’ll do it for them, it ends with less freedom. That seems like a 0% Libertarian approach. If the congress isn’t doing it’s job, we’re fucked. America needs to get that through their heads, vote, and stop paying all the attention on the president. Cripes!

  6. Jerry S.

    A splinter of a splinter of a splinter… If you are fortunate to grow old, young men you will learn that TIME is more valuable than money. When you waste both, you waste a valuable part of your life.

    I’ll defend your right to spend your time and money as you choose. I’ll not have to understand WHY men (and ladies) choose to tilt at ever larger windmills WHEN it’s counterproductive! Isn’t the struggle as part of the LP enough? Time and energy spent in obscurity won’t accomplish very much but older age and less cash in your savings for retirement.

    Taking your marbles and starting another game with your closer buddies may seem cool. But, your buddies in the former game might turn on you for daring to harm their game, by subtacting the numbers of participates and marbles in their game…

  7. Steven R Linnabary


    Some of us don’t want to waste any more time on parties whose answer to ANY problem is more statism. And for the past few years, that would seem to include the LP.

    And sometimes it can be better to live in obscurity, than to support immoral or otherwise repugnant platform plank(s).

    OTOH, counterproductive can be supporting something like Jay’s “Health Care” plank.


  8. Jerry S.

    Steven R.L. I know exactly where you guys are, however if Barr/Root lay an egg, (which we all know is possible) you can re-take control of the LP (and it’s ballot access). Mary had 46% as it was.

    It’s hard to be patient some times, however everyone can put their efforts into spreading “their message” on down ticket races. Heck. I’m backing BaldWIN, overlooking some intolerance in his party, this time. I don’t have the time or energy to start from scratch with a new startup party.

    If you must, have fun.

    And yes, the ole boy gets an F on Health Care…

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