Comedy Central cites IPR in Barr/Paul connection satire

Comedy Central’s “Indecision 2008” satire has declared Bob Barr the New Ron Paul.

Are you suffering from Post-Paul Depression Disorder? Missing the endless entertainment offered up by crazed internet bullies clamoring for their chance to change every topic of conversation into a pro-Ron Paul diatribe? Worried that you’ll never get into another cyclical argument with some shaved-headed guy with tattoos about states’ rights?

Well, worry no longer.

Two campaign staff members for Libertarian candidate Bob Barr, Austin Wilkes and Shana Kluck, sent an email message to easily suggestible supporters of Ron Paul’s glamorous presidential campaign, asking them to be psychologically imbalanced for Bob Barr in much the way they were psychologically imbalanced for Rep. Paul.

The story then cites IPR’s summation of the e-mail sent by Mr. Wilkes and Ms. Kluck to “Dear Alabama Ron Paul Supporters.”

Mr. Wilkes and Ms. Kluck say they support Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr because he “has essentially the same exact policy goals as Congressman Ron Paul.” They characterize Barr’s positions not as libertarian, but as “conservative libertarian.”

They say that Barr’s campaign will be similar to Dr. Paul’s, but that Barr will make “better political calculations” and “compromises where needed to advance the candidacy.”

Finally, Comedy Central’s story concludes with: “Oh, it feels good to have things returning back to abnormal.”

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