Nebraska Greens to protest debate exclusion

Nebraska Green Steve Larrick is running for Anti-War Senator Chuck Hagel’s old US Senate seat, but apparently the American Legion in that fine state has decided that hearing from only half of the candidates is the value their members fought and had comrades die for. Semi-democracy seems to be the goal in a planned debate in which two of four candidates are being invited to meet and greet the state’s most promising young men. The other candidate being left out is Kelly Renee Rosberg of the Nebraska Party.

In an article submitted by the Associated Press in Omaha, the Nebraska Greens are said to be prepared to protest outside of a planned Senatorial debate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The article, published at the Kearney Hub, says that the debate is scheduled for Thursday, will be closed to the public, and will be attended by 400 high school boys. Organizer Aaron Zabawa is quoted as saying that the exclusion of the Green Party and the Nebraska Party candidate was done at the request of the American Legion in that city. It should be noted that the Legion is the sponsor of Boys State, and Zabawa’s email address is a Lincoln Public Schools address.

Anyone who might care to do so can contact Mr. Zabawa by writing azabawa @ The fine folks at Boys State can be reached via telephone at 402-464-6338 and their fax number is 402-464-6330. The good people at University of Nebraska – Lincoln Public Relations office can be reached at 402-472-2211. They might also be happy to hear from you at unlpr2 @

The Yankton Press and Dakotan carried the same piece.

The Journal Star points out in their article about the half debate that while there is a Girls State program, the girls are not invited. This article includes a number of comments from Nebraskans.

The piece at KOLN / KGIN includes a number of Green Party candidates in Nebraska.

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  1. Trent Hill

    Im going to send an email. More important than the Green-party candidate, the Nebraska Party candidate, Kelly Rosberg, caught 4.42% in her last statewide race (2006).

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