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No father-son showdown for Congress; NY Libertarians pass on Powers

Earlier, IPR reported on a possible father-son showdown in New York’s 13th congressional district between Libertarian Francis M. “Fran” Powers and Republican Francis H. “Frank” Powers. Well, it’s not to be. The Manhattan Libertarian Party has passed on the younger Powers — who’s platform included increased access to public transportation — and nominated Susan Overeem instead.

The party’s nomination process received coverage from the New York Times, which reports the vote total to have been 17-6 in favor of Ms. Overeem.

Jim Lesczynski, Media Relations Director of the Manhattan Libertarian Party and author of The Walton Street Tycoons, told the Times that “both candidates came in and made their presentation to the group and they were both impressive. But the general feeling was that Susan has the better grasp of what it meant to be a Libertarian.”

In a media release sent to IPR, Lesczynski added: “Despite the lopsided vote, I think it was a very hard choice for our members. Fran made an excellent case for himself, and in Susan’s absence, he would have easily received the nomination. It’s a credit to Fran’s character and his passion for liberty that he has committed to supporting Susan’s campaign and building a Libertarian Party organization on Staten Island.”

The Manhattan Libertarian Party also nominated Isaiah Matos to run in the 14th Congressional District, and Bill Buran to run in the 72nd Assembly District.


  1. G.E. G.E. Post author | June 10, 2008

    Richard – The burden would have been relieved with help of the NY Libertarian Party, which the Manhattan chairman said he intended to give.

  2. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli June 10, 2008

    This family needs counseling, GE, not an election!

    Why? I would have no problem running against my dad if he wanted to run for Congress. Of course neither of us would win, since I’m a Libertarian, he’s a Democratic Party socialist, and we’re in a 80%+ gerrymandered Republican district.

    It wouldn’t make him my enemy, just my political opponent.

  3. Ross Levin Ross Levin June 10, 2008

    This family needs counseling, GE, not an election!

  4. richardwinger richardwinger June 10, 2008

    I agree with Ross Levin. The younger Powers said he would get on the November ballot whether the LP nominated him or not. So I think the title of this blog entry should be revised. Getting the LP nomination wouldn’t have relieved the burden on the younger Powers anyway; he needs 3,500 signatures whether his label is “Libertarian” or “anarchist” or whatever he chooses.

  5. G.E. G.E. Post author | June 10, 2008

    … says the dude recently confused for a chick based on his name.

  6. Fred Church Ortiz Fred Church Ortiz June 10, 2008

    Maybe the name “Fran” gives us insight into the parts of his lifestyle that dad didn’t care for.

  7. G.E. G.E. Post author | June 10, 2008

    Why Thank God?

    I think it would have been cool to have the voters confused by the two Francis Powers on the ballot.

    Another argument for privately printed ballots!

  8. Ross Levin Ross Levin June 10, 2008

    Thank God. But didn’t he say he was going to run through the one-man Anarchy Party?

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