Redpath to Keaton: ‘Act responsible or resign’ from LNC

Libertarian Party National Chairman Bill Redpath reportedly called Angela Keaton, an outspoken member of the Libertarian National Committee, and told her to “act like a responsible committee member or resign” her post at the LNC.

Keaton’s response to Redpath:

Mr. Redpath, learn your place in the movement. Do not call, write or speak to me unless I address you first. You are not my father, husband, boyfriend or anything other than a volunteer with a title.

Presumably, Redpath is upset about Keaton’s investigation into the circumstances surrounding Shane Cory’s resignation. Recently, she uncovered data showing that Cory was paid over $10,000 after resigning his executive directorship. That resignation occured shortly after Mr. Cory issued an unauthorized press release, which many felt was a thinly veiled attack on Mary Ruwart, Bob Barr’s chief rival for the LP presidential nomination. Immediately after resigning, Cory went to work for Richard Viguerie, a Barr supporter who had recently purchased Third Party Watch from Barr consultant Stephen Gordon and revoked the press credentials of bloggers who did not support Bob Barr. Cory now works directly for Bob Barr.

According to Redpath, the payments in question were accrued vacation pay as well as a 2007 bonus.

43 thoughts on “Redpath to Keaton: ‘Act responsible or resign’ from LNC

  1. RedPhillips

    Is it true that TPW “revoked the press credentials of bloggers who did not support Bob Barr?” I had just heard about new posts needing reviewed first.

  2. G.E. Post author

    Red – This is one of the primary reasons that IPR was founded. And now the two bloggers who had their press credentials revoked, Paulie Cannoli and Tom Knapp, write for IPR.

  3. Robert Milnes

    My suspicion is that Bob Barr is the gop/rove/cia choice for LP nominee placeholder against me. But they can’t let some genuine libertarian get the nomination. So they dirty trick Mary with child porn. (Remember I was calling for Milnes/Ruwart for months.) Root backs it up with his call for her to withdraw. Dirty political tricks 101. Now I’m trying for the GP nomination. Expect far worse against the red menace.

  4. G.E. Post author

    Make it $4,600. My wife will contribute too. We’ll sell our car if we need to.

    Will you accept contributions from domesticated cats? If so, my bi-colored female will chip in her life savings of $0, which will equal your current fundraising up to this point, right?

  5. Fred Church Ortiz

    Besides thinking it’s all directed at him, Milnes’ contentions aren’t too far removed from that of some LPers in the run up to and aftermath of the convention.

    Food for thought…

  6. Mike Theodore

    Now, back to the story, people.
    I enjoyed the “volunteer with a title” comment. Isn’t that what everyone in the LP is? So I see, tis why I’ll get a job while working with the LP.
    Now Keaton is doing her job. She’s investigating potential wrong doing in the LNC. If Redpath can’t take it, they’ll be more motivation to unseat him in 201o. Why is so much power being wielded from single individuals.

    Side note: People, do not turn this in to faction wars b.s. Don’t say that he wants her to leave because she’s a radical. I disagree with most of Keaton’s views, but I respect her actions in the LNC.

  7. G.E. Post author

    I had a nice long post typed up here, and then I thought better of it.

  8. Robert Milnes

    G.E., I made a mistake with fundraising. I didn’t put a Contribute button on my campaign website. I thought I needed more campaign staff. Then I checked further into FEC rules which I certainly am no expert on. One can fundraise & only have to file when 5000 spent. I got an email from a man who I think is a green. He said he’d send 2300 as soon as the button is there. I wonder how many others I missed.

  9. G.E. Post author

    Robert – FEC paperwork is not very difficult anyway. I handled it myself when I ran in 2004. No biggie at all. That’s no excuse.

  10. Mike Theodore

    While investigating some new posts in the Myspace group, all bulletin posts have been barred by “unexpected errors”. This has CIA written all over it! They are suppressing the #1 source for Third Party News!

    shit, I gotta get back…

  11. Lance Brown

    “Presumably, Redpath is upset about Keaton’s investigation into the circumstances surrounding Shane Cory’s resignation. ”

    I would guess he’s more upset just about her overall “Anarchist Bitch” magnifying-glass-on-the-LNC approach. Her recent questions about Cory are tame compared to some of what’s come over the transom in the past few weeks.


    “If you can’t handle a little criticism from a menstruating retired titty dancer, I shudder to think what you would do on Anderson Cooper.

    basium meus ass ”

  12. Bill Woolsey

    Keaton is quoted as writing to Redpath..

    “Do not call, write or speak to me unless I address you first.”

    Keaton should leave the LNC. Don’t talk to me?
    What a joke.

    Anyone who voted for her should hand their head in shame.

  13. Carl M

    Angela Keaton is…an anarchist bitch.

    Yes, that was an ugly bit of namecalling, but it was based upon the testimony of two witnesses: myself, reading her blog, and Angela herself, via the title of her blog.

    Her irresponsibility, and that of many in the LP, is that of making accusations not substantiated by any data. For example, I was repeatedly called a “Republican infiltrator” despite having been an LP member for a quarter century before launching the Reform Caucus. Had these people done their homework, they could have found suitable names to call me: heretic, oath breaker, etc. Or, they could have done the honorable thing and address my arguments.

  14. Mike Theodore

    Bennett and Hanckock (spelling wrong) lost to Redpath. I doubt she could do better.

    BTW, folks. Dr. Mary Zennett will be on at about 6:20 p.m.(eastern) tomorrow to talk about health care.

  15. JayBornman

    I would hang my head in shame Woolsey but I need to work to pay your salary.

  16. hogarth

    Bill suggests:

    Anyone who voted for her should hand their head in shame.

    Hand it where, exactly? And to whom?

  17. G.E. Post author

    The only thing I’m ashamed of is NOT voting for Angela… I had to leave early Monday morning, before the voting. I should have missed my flight. It would have been worth it to vote for the two most courageous Libertarians I know, Angela and Mary Ruwart.

  18. Robert Milnes

    G.E., just out of curiousity, would you vote for/support Milnes/Keaton fusion ticket for the Green party? & keep in mind there would be down ticket vote coordination for various greens & libertarians. & also I TRIED this with the LP FIRST.

  19. G.E. Post author

    I wouldn’t vote for a Milnes/Pope ticket if I were Catholic and the Pope was my brother.

  20. G.E. Post author

    My mind isn’t made up yet. I think Barr is leading right now. Baldwin close behind. I would also consider voting for Nader or McKinney, despite my obvious differences. Charles Jay could get my vote if a write-in for him will be counted in Michigan. And I will not entirely rule out voting for Obama, giving the other bad choices I’m faced with, depending on who his VP nominee is.

    Then again, I could be a true individualist and write in Robert Milnes. Assuming you are back in the psych ward by then (if there is a God), then I will stand out as the only person who votes for you in the entire USA. That’d be kinda cool, I guess.

  21. G.E. Post author

    I got it: Obama/Milnes! You could then ship Obama back to Africa, as per your platform, and be PRESIDENT just like the great racist T.R., your hero!

  22. G.E. Post author

    The Racist/Socialist Alliance. Do the math Milnes: If you add up all of the people who are racist and all of the people who aren’t, you are sure to get 100%, give or take a few on the fence.

  23. paulie cannoli

    I am considering Barr, Jay or McKinney, all of whom I would like to get on Alabama’s ballot if funding exists.

    I don’t see any real chance I’d vote for McCain, Obama, Nader, Baldwin, etc.,

    However I am most likely not to vote.

  24. Robert Milnes

    Well thank you G.E. I just woke up & could use a good laugh. You too, paulie. For the vp to send the p to Africa would be unconstitutional, wouldn’t it you so called constitution expert? & how do you figure about 100% of americans are racist? I think you just hate everybody. Kind of like Mikey, who hates everything-i.e. all morning breakfasts! Why don’t you admit that I’m right on one thing-all of the above candidates except either the dem or rep are GOING TO LOSE! paulie goes from worse to worst choice-not to vote at all. At least a write in losing vote MIGHT get counted in certain states. It might make one feel good for a few moments. Then back to reality.

  25. Robert Milnes

    You both said you might vote for McKinney. Well, a libertarian veep on her ticket would make a fusion ticket. That could be very inclusive. I could see a lot of Nader & Obama voters going for that. & some Barr & Jay. Some but lower percentage of Baldwin & McCain too.

  26. starchild

    It seems to me that Angela Keaton *is* acting like a responsible committee member in the ways that matter most. She is standing up for keeping the Libertarian Party libertarian. Against things like the anti-Mary Ruwart press release that called for more government. Against the packing of the Platform committee by the “Reform” faction. For more transparency in LNC operations by including guest comments in the meeting minutes, recording individual votes. For having a Publications Review Committee to make sure materials being sent out of the national office are in accord with our platform. For staff accountability. Against the efforts by some on the LNC to prevent a strip club from being a sponsor of the Denver convention. Against the party turn into a vehicle for the Barr campaign. Unfortunately I get the feeling that these kinds of things don’t matter as much to Bill Redpath as having people conform to conventional standards of propriety. Image, it’s all about image. That is the overriding concern of the “Reform” faction. The obsession with being taken seriously, which threatens to destroy the LP’s utility as a vehicle for liberty and turn it into GOP-lite. And I believe is precisely this present crisis in the party, Exhibit A of which is the fiasco of nominating Barr/Root in Denver, which has radicalized Angela in terms of her personal approach to her job. Some of the more strait-laced LNC members who find her reaction outrageous should realize that many LP members find much of what the leadership has been doing to be outrageous. Keaton may be shooting from the hip, but at least she’s shooting in the right direction.

  27. starchild

    After party leaders shut down the ability of readers to comment in response to blog entries on — after all, they might say things that could be bad for the party’s all-important image! — ThirdPartyWatch was apparently touted as the new place for people to comment, driving up traffic. And of course that site was sold to Barr backer Richard Viguerie by former LP Political Director Stephen Gordon. Not sure exactly how that sequence of events transpired, or who was responsible for what, but it makes for interesting speculation.

  28. Gene Trosper

    I’m beginning to think that my getting involved in the LP again was not such a bright idea. No matter who is running for president or no matter who sits on the LNC, there will always be perpetual drama and never ending crisis that keeps the party distracted and ineffective.

  29. paulie cannoli

    It’s a never ending clusterfuck. If you can’t accept that, it’s probably not for you.

  30. Arthur Torrey

    I’ve also mentioned this over on LFV, figured it’s worth getting the word out…

    Just for fun, I’ve created a poll on the LPMass website

    “Who on the LNC do you trust more?” It’s in the general discussion area, and I will report on my results… To be fair, I put down all the LNC officers and at large members. Non-scientific, but fun… (Note, you must register on the site to vote or post, but you should be able to look at most things w/o registering)

    LPMA Operations Facilitator
    Speaking for myself

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