Texas Libertarians nominate Schick for Senate

Yvonne Schick defeated Scott Jameson yesterday and won the Libertarian Party’s nomination for U.S. Senate in Texas. Joey Dauben of the Ellis County Press shared the following report from yesterday’s session of the LP’s Texas convention…

Yvonne Adams Schick was voted by Libertarian delegates as the U.S. Senate nominee during voting Saturday at the party’s convention in Fort Worth.

The vote totals:
Yvonne Adams Schick – 31 votes
Scott Jameson – 14
Jon Roland – 3

Schick will face incumbent Republican John Cornyn and Democrat Rick Noriega in the November election. Roland has been a past LP candidate for state Attorney General. Jameson has been on the Senate ballot three times, most recently as the ‘06 LP opponent to Kay Bailey Hutchison in which he appeared with the popular Republican and the Democratic nominee at a televised debate.

I was very impressed with Schick’s campaign, as there were signs, stickers, direct-mail pieces floating around the convention. Party activists said her communication skills at the LP Senate debate last night solidified her candidacy.

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