Where’s Wayne? Part II

While there has been some discussion about the near-complete absence of vice presidential nominee Wayne Allyn Root from Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr’s campaign website, less noticed is the lack of activity on Root’s own website. While Root’s masthead has changed to say he is now a candidate for the vice presidency, much of the site — including items on the front page — still refer to his presidential candidacy. There is also just one blog item posted since Root won the vice presidential nomination.

For an alternative party candidate, Root was ubiquitous in terms of mainstream media coverage as he sought the presidential nomination. Since winning a spot on the national ticket, Root seems to have done few interviews, and there are no references on his site to current campaign activities. What’s Wayne up to?

8 thoughts on “Where’s Wayne? Part II

  1. Mike Theodore

    I heard that Outright Libertarian will have Root making an appearance in the Pride Parade next weekend. This is because Barr could not make it.

  2. Nexus

    Root talked alot about targeting small business owners, online gamblers, and home schoolers. So far he’s done ziltch. Perhaps Barr would like Root to be seen and not heard?

  3. Mike Theodore

    Ok, it’s the San Francisco Pride Parade. Unfortunately, political campaigns aren’t allowed to make appearances. But the “float” will be surrounded by Outright Libertarians with Barr/Root T-Shirts. Hopefully there will be a big banner with Barr/Root, or at least something saying who this loud fellow on the float is (Root).

    This is all stuff I heard on the Outright Yahoo group email listing. None of this is official, but Root will be representing the ticket at the Pride Parade.

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  5. Jerry S.

    Let WAR go after his target, however if the LP was bright it should let him lead the effort to create LP college organizations on every campus in the twelve largest states by Jan.1, ’09 with all fifty states,V.I.,Guam,P.R.,etc. and DC targeted by 1-1-2013. This is where victory will begin. That’s every campus, not just major ones. If they are with you when young, they will remain with you for a lifetime!

    CA, TX, NY, FL, IL, PA, OH, MI, NJ, NC, GA, & VA are the twelve largest. WAR might become a STAR on campus !?! It would be worth the effort, in a longterm plan to SOMEDAY actually run (or UNrun?) the gov’t. Also getting massive local media in the twelve most populous states will help the vote totals on 11-4.

    Campus OUTREACH should be a major part of any LP campaign. Youth and enthusiasm can go a long way in building a winning party and winning campaigns.

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