Barkley throws his hat into the ring

Former U.S. Senator Dean Barkley (I-MN) has decided that he will seek to take back his seat from Norm Coleman. Barkley had been aggressively working to convince Jesse Ventura to run, but with Ventura’s announcement that he won’t be a candidate Barkley is jumping in.

In 1992, Barkley ran for U.S. Congress and won 16% in a competitive 3-way race. Two years later, he would win 5% for U.S. Senate. In 1996, he again ran for Senate and received 7% statewide… enough to establish the Reform Party in Minnesota and pave the way for Ventura’s unlikely gubernatorial bid in 1998.

Ventura appointed Barkley to fill out the last 2 months of Senator Paul Wellstone’s term in 2002, following Wellstone’s death. Barkley cast several meaningful votes during his time in office, including a vote on the Homeland Security Act.

2 thoughts on “Barkley throws his hat into the ring

  1. millerpolitics

    It looks like their could be a competitive race for the Independence Party nomination.

    The party has already endorsed Stephen Williams, a farmer, and former party chairman and one time aid to Barkley Jack Ulrich also filed his candidacy yesterday.

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