Cynthia McKinney announces her VP pick

Green Party presidential hopeful Cynthia McKinney has reportedly selected hip-hop activist Rosa Clemente as her running mate. The Zentronix blog broke the story, and Ms. Clemente’s Web site confirms it.

Rosa Clemente was born and raised in the South Bronx, birthplace of hip-hop music and culture. She has degrees from the University of Albany and Cornell University. Her academic work has been dedicated to researching national liberation struggles inside the United States, with a specific focus on the Young Lords Party and the Black Liberation Army. While a student at SUNY Albany, she was President of the Albany State University Black Alliance and Director of Multicultural Affairs for the Student Association. At Cornell she was a founding member of La Voz Boriken, a social/political organization dedicated to supporting Puerto Rican political prisoners and the independence of Puerto Rico.

Ms. Clemente’s Web site features a testimonial from Chuck D of Public Enemy, perhaps the most politically influential rapper in U.S. history. He says of Clemente: “She is one of this generations’ most important political voices and community organizers.”

Neither her Web site nor her Wikipedia page makes Ms. Clemente’s age apparent. Is she constitutionally eligible to serve as president? It’s not clear. (UPDATE: Ballot Access News reports that Ms. Clemente is in fact 35 years old).

Cynthia McKinney reportedly has enough pledged delegates to win the Green Party’s presidential nomination on the first ballot. In the past, Green presidential nominees Ralph Nader and David Cobb were allowed to run with their chosen running mates (Winona LaDuke and Pat LaMarche, respectively).

33 thoughts on “Cynthia McKinney announces her VP pick

  1. richardwinger

    Just in the last few minutes, her wiki article has been amended to say she is age 35.

  2. Robert Milnes

    Greens, nominate me & I’ll try to get a woman libertarian to join the fusion ticket. This could be a winning progressive plurality ticket. McKinney & ticket are DEFINITE losers. Just like Barr/Root.

  3. G.E. Post author

    No way.

    Maybe if they’re on in fewer states, but McKinney/Milnes is a stronger ticket than Cobb/LaMarche.

  4. Robert Milnes

    McKinney/Milnes would not be a fusion ticket. I would decline & McKinney has already chosen vp anyway. Unfortunately libs do not recognize me as a libertarian. I believe I am a left-libertarian as was Teddy Roosevelt. But libs have probably made up their minds about me.

  5. G.E. Post author

    Theodore Roosevelt was a racist warmongering national-socialist.

    But Robert has never let facts get in the way of his deluded fantasies.

    I’m sure that newscaster wanted you to expose yourself to her too, right Robert?

  6. Mike Theodore

    Lost me on the national-socialist part, but I haven’t researched the era in a while. More of a Harding Administration man myself *hitchs up belt*.

    I don’t recall the newscaster story that much, though.

  7. G.E. Post author

    T.R. was a hardcore nationalist who touted a “New Nationalism.” His platform in 1912 was full of socialist planks, which he himself denounced as socialist eight years earlier. Nationalist + socialist = National-Socialist, i.e. Nazi. Not to mention his racism and hardcore warmongering.

  8. G.E. Post author

    Woodrow Wilson is the second worst president in history, and we can only be thankful that he defeated T.R. in 1912.

  9. Robert Milnes

    G.E., I thought you & I had a truce? You must like being politically & historically incorrect -like saying Hitler wasn’t elected, & apologizing to me. I was not charged for any sexual misconduct. & why not ask the newscaster yourself? Deborah Knapp. Presently at KENS San Antonio. I have my criticism of TR myself, particularly with respect to Native Americans. But that was about 100 years ago. He clearly was not a national socialist nor a just plain socialist. Was he, now, G.E? Why do you claim to be a presumably objective journalist & write such clearly incorrect & inflammatory things?

  10. Robert Milnes

    G.E., right. According to you, just about everybody is a racist, collectivist moron & nobody is good enough to be president. Fortunately the American voters don’t have to take orders from you.

  11. G.E. Post author

    You’re right — I was incorrect to apologize to you.

    I aim to be objective in my reports and as inflammatory as possible in my comments.

    Of course he wasn’t a doctrinaire socialist — but he was to the far, far, FAR left of Barack Obama on economics and regulation. Or more accurately, he was to the neocon right of John McCain.

    I don’t recall saying Hitler wasn’t elected but I do recall saying I would vote for Hitler over you. I just did. Hitler was only marginally worse than T.R., too.

  12. G.E. Post author

    Yeah, I would agree that there’s only ever been one good president, and all the rest were varying levels of bad. Grover Cleveland being the only good one, of course.

    The Worst:
    1. Lincoln
    2. Wilson
    3. FDR
    4. Truman

    Other particularly bad ones: Polk, McKinley, T.R., Hoover, LBJ, Nixon, Reagan, G.W.B.

    T.R. in 1912 probably would have overtaken Lincoln and been the worst ever. In fact, I bet a lot of us would not be alive today had he been elected.

  13. Trent Hill

    Grover Cleveland was the best. But i’d put Coolidge right behind him.

  14. G.E. Post author

    What did Coolidge do to stave off the Great Depression? Nothing. He let the good times roll with massive inflation fueling the booming times of his era.

    What could he have done? I don’t like an activist president, of course, and to the extent that Coolidge was good (or “not evil”) it’s because he wasn’t an activist. But I would have liked some Jacksonian activism from Cool Cal to crush the central bank in its infancy before it ruined the what was left of the goodness of the country a few years after he was out of office.

    Coolidge might be the second-best president in U.S. history , but he still gets a failing grade in my book. Nowhere near Cleveland.

    I’m against grade inflation.

  15. Trent Hill

    What about Benjamin Harrison–surely you cant give HIM a failing grade?

  16. Deran


    george W will probably be number 1 worst president for the next hundred years, but after him I would put Andrew Jackson and third would be Woodrow Wilson.

    And of course, FDR being the closest to a great president as the Republic’s ever elected.

  17. Mike Gillis

    Harding at least had the decency to pardon Eugene Debs.

    For worst, it’s a toss up between George W. Bush and Woodrow Wilson.

    Wilson wins on the coin flip.

    FDR’s a mixed bag for me. Love the New Deal. Hate the internment camps.

  18. Trent Hill

    “but after him I would put Andrew Jackson and third would be Woodrow Wilson.

    And of course, FDR being the closest to a great president as the Republic’s ever elected.”

    Andrew Jackson should be on the upper-half for his opposition to the Central Bank. As for liking FDR…leftists are SO confused.

  19. G.E. Post author

    Harding is probably #3 to Cleveland and Coolidge.

    Jackson is the ultimate mixed bag. On some levels, he would be among the worst, on others, he would rank with or ahead of Cleveland.

    FDR the mass murderer, racist interner, outright thief of the people’s real wealth, friend of Big Business and the big banks, defender of racial apartheid in the South, and would-be dictator… The fact that he ranks highly among leftists shows how morally bankrupt modern liberalism is.

    If FDR is #1, how can GWB not be #2? FDR was the first neocon.

  20. Mike Gillis

    “Andrew Jackson should be on the upper-half for his opposition to the Central Bank.”

    I think Trail of Tears more than cancels out his fight to give non-landowners the right to vote.

  21. paulie cannoli

    My prediction: Dubai-ya! will end up as the undisputable worst white house resident (never actually elected either time, so we’ll forego the p) ever.

    Sure, it’s still easily disputable now, but bear in mind he’s not finished yet.

  22. G.E. Post author

    There are absolutely no grounds on which GWB could finish worse than Wilson, let alone Lincoln.

    Anything Bush did, Wilson did better (worse).

    The Patriot Act is a joke compared to Wilson’s police state.

  23. paulie cannoli

    More details later. I’m off here in 3 min.

    Blog talk radio set up? Call me.

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