No Indiana gubernatorial run for Waterman

The AP reports Indiana GOP state senator John Waterman will not qualify for the ballot as gubernatorial candidate of “a newly formed Taxpayers Party,” which “would have required him to get more than 32,000 signatures from registered voters by June 30.” The Indianapolis Star reports that Waterman’s camp says it “collected only about 2,250 or so signatures.” Libertarian Andrew Horning is on the ballot along with GOP incumbent Mitch Daniels and Democrat Jill Long Thompson.

One thought on “No Indiana gubernatorial run for Waterman

  1. inDglass

    Andy Horning is an excellent candidate. He will get a lot of support from Hoosiers who are furious about property tax hikes, an illegally unbalanced education system, a public road leased for 99 years with doubled tolls, and many other issues.

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