LibertarianPartyCandidates.US tracks races all over the country

I’ve previously listed the LP candidates here, here, here and here. Now, George Donnelly has turned this list into its own website with graphics and continuous updating. George explains:

An Effort to List all LP Candidates

We Libertarians need to know how many candidates we’re fielding for office. Which states are fielding full slates? no slates? Who are the candidates, what do they look like, what is their history, what are their positions and motivations?

This is all very basic but, before Libertarian Party Candidates (LPC), you could not find all this information in one place.

It’s important to see how well (or poorly) we Libertarians are doing at challenging the Republicrat duopoly at the ballot box. Hopefully LPC will serve as a measuring stick and as an incentive to run more and better candidates in 2010, 2012 and beyond.


When Paulie pointed out in July of 2008 that doesn’t list all the Libertarian Party candidates running for office, it piqued my interest. How can we expect people to support and vote for Libertarian candidates if they don’t even know who they are – or even that they exist?

So, after chatting with Paulie, I decided that Libertarians might like a website where they can find all LP candidates in one convenient place.

Thanks to Paulie, the state parties and others that have collected the raw information presented here. All I did was design the site and enter the data.

Future Years

The site was built in a hurry during my spare time in the last couple weeks of July 2008, but I plan to significantly improve it for 2010 and beyond. Your sugestions and comments will help make that a reality.

Please Share your Feedback

Please feel free to contact me, George Donnelly, at with any suggestions, ideas, complaints or whatever. I’m open to developing the project in new directions. I’m also interested in other strategies to advance the cause of liberty.

According to the site, the LP is running

* 15 for US Senate
* 109 for US House
* 5 for State Governor
* 4 for State Lt. Governor
* 1 for State Treasurer
* 3 for State Attorney General
* 2 for State Auditor
* 22 for Other State Offices
* 42 for State Senates
* 216 for State Houses
* 3 for Local Executives
* 26 for Local Legislatures
* 6 for Judge
* 12 for Sherriff or Constable
* 78 for Other Local Offices
* 546 Total LP candidates

11 thoughts on “LibertarianPartyCandidates.US tracks races all over the country

  1. Mike Indiana

    I just visited the site and i must say it is awesome. Finally the LP has a source which clearly lists all the LP candidates in one clear place. I hope the LP ( database looks into listing what info and results it can gather from past elections as well as those in the future. The Green Party database
    has for years been an excellent tool it is long past time for the LP community to develop a similar site.

  2. paulie cannoli Post author

    Thanks Mike!

    NewMenu is awesome, I’ll be referring to it in the future.

    BTW, the LP official site used to be a lot more informative about then-current and previous candidates.

    As best I can understand it, some party “reformers” (not necessarily all, mind you) considered the LP’s past too embarrassing and memoryholed all that and much more.

  3. kclibertarian

    Good Idea,

    In Kansas our US Senate race is the only ballot access race for us this year. Although our ballot access is easier than most states, I do not want to take it for granted – any help (donations) you can be, will help us for 2010.

    Randall Hodgkinson



  4. George Donnelly

    Mike: I would like to be able to compare with past elections too, it’s on my todo list but it’s not a high priority.

    I do plan to keep data ongoing for future comparative uses though.

    Someone contacted me about expanding the site to cover all elected and appointed LPers world-wide. He promised to collect the data for it by the end of the year.

  5. G.E.

    Sean Haugh got paid $1,200 / month to do far less than this.

    Now he gets paid far more to do far less, or more accurately, to destroy.

  6. hogarth

    Sean Haugh got paid $1,200 / month to do far less than this.

    Oh, be fair. Sean had a *formula* – with all kinds of cool figures and percentages ‘n stuff.

    Seriously, that formula thing just cracked me up. There was even a factor named something like “HQ” that basically served as a way for those guys to award extra points to candidates they liked. Hard to have much faith in the use of an index like that :-/

  7. G.E.

    Robert Milnes has a formula too. LPHQ should hire him as a paid consultant. It seriously would not be the biggest waste of the Redpath criminal reign. Not even close.

  8. chuckmoulton

    Great job! I’m delighted to see this resource listing all the candidates. I hope when the LP sees how in demand it is they will put this information on

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