Barr campaign responds to threat; requests Keaton be kept on LNC

To thwart efforts by a cabal within the LNC to remove at-large rep. Angela Keaton from her duly elected post, renegade Massachusetts Barr-elector Arthur Torrey, who has already stated publicly he will not vote for Barr “should he win the state of Massachusetts,” said he would not support the substitution of Barr’s name for Phillies’s name on the Massachusetts ballot should Keaton be kicked off the LNC. This would have likely killed any chance of Barr appearing on the Massachusetts ballot, and as a result, the Barr campaign intervened and sent their proxy Bill Redpath a “request” that Ms. Keaton not be removed from the LNC.

22 thoughts on “Barr campaign responds to threat; requests Keaton be kept on LNC

  1. Gene Trosper

    Regardless of the campaign’s motivations, I’m glad they spoke up in defense of Angela Keaton.

  2. G.E. Post author

    I agree.

    Acting in self preservation to save ballot access in a state is not a bad thing. Hell, this is cheaper than a lawsuit.

  3. Jdfamularo

    Angela Keaton must be kicked off the LNC. She threatens the effective control of the ruling Junta.
    As long as they can keep the LNC deliberations relatively secret and use the “executive sessions” to intimidate LNC members from discussing issues even among themselves, a small plurality can maintain control. If the general membership were privy to the detail debate they just might influence the vote of their representatives. Individual LNC members might just demand their rights as board members to ALL the corporate information and “executive” actions.

  4. hogarth


    Would you share your evidence that the request from “the Barr campaign” was in response to Torrey’s threat?

    While you’re at it, perhaps you could share your evidence that Redpath is the ‘proxy’ of the Barr campaign.

    But that would be too much like responsible writing, and not nearly as interesting as the rumor-mongering, pot-stirring crap that passes for ‘news’ on so many blogs.

  5. G.E. Post author

    Source confidentiality, Susan. The “proxy” comment is up to interpretation. The rest is from eyewitness accounts shared with several people via email. If we fail to meet your journalistic standards, there are other news sources on the Web. That’s what makes the Internet’s anarchy so grand.

  6. paulie cannoli

    If true, Mr. Torrey has quite a bit of power right now, since there are any number of other issues which might cause him to change his mind about cooperating with substitution.

  7. Mike Guess

    Sheer Madness. The average joe voter doesn’t know Barr is running or that he is the Libertarian Candidate. Third parties are ignored by the majority of voters. Facts are facts. As long as the beer is cold and Domino’s delivers most Americans are happy with the status quo. I don’t like it anymore than you do. But that is the America we live in today.

  8. Dodge Landesman

    I’m a little surprised about all of this. I never heard of the Barr campaign criticizing Keaton. And I’m also surprised that Torrey is this aggravated that he would cast his vote for Phillies if, by some miracle, Barr was to win MASS. Phillies himself fought hard to replace Barr’s name with his, and is supportive of our party’s nominee. Everyone should. That being said, it’s outrageous Keaton may be kicked off for her beliefs. One should be allowed to criticize the campaign. I wish we could all just make up.

  9. Spence

    I’m working on a theory to be published somewhere sometime maybe regarding the LP’s obsession with inner-party politics. They compensate for the fact they don’t participate in national squabbles by inventing their own hostilities so they can keep the “club” designation and protest party cred. It’s quite ingenious really

    (How I wish I were under the influence of cynicism! =])

  10. Thomas L. Knapp

    I agree with Gene Trosper. I don’t care why the Barr campaign asked the LNC to knock off the “get Keaton” BS. It was the right thing to do, so thanks to them for doing it.

  11. G.E. Post author

    And really, it might not have been because of Torrey’s threat. It could be that Barr’s people, as unlibertarian as they are, are embarrassed by the heinous lack of professionalism exhibited by the eunuch Redpath and his criminal gang.

  12. darolew

    Good for Barr’s campaign. Not only did they actually pay attention to party matters, they did the right thing. (Motivations aren’t important. =P )

  13. G.E. Post author

    Motivations can be important, but there’s nothing insidious about this alleged motivation. Barr SHOULD want to be on the Mass. ballot.

  14. SFMeier

    Barr 08 should be focused on getting votes and not on political infighting within the party. Can all parties knock this explitive deleated off for a couple of more months? I can’t believe how much effort, bad blood and bad pr has been waisted this weekend when the news should be about kicking McBama off the Texas ballot. A dream I am sure but seems the most positive ting I have heard of in a long long time!

  15. Arthur Torrey

    Greetings from the Renegade… 😉

    (You want to call me that I might as well enjoy it…)

    Susan – No big challenge for G.E. to know about my promises in Re: substitution. After all I posted them both here and on LFV…

    I have no idea if Barr’s call was a response to them or not, maybe G.E. knows more than I do, maybe he’s just guessing… I’d like to think it had an impact, just because thinking that strokes my ego a bit… (I do my own ego-stroking, even if nobody else will – though I regularly thank the GF for stroking….never mind…)

    As to who I’d vote for if the LP was to win Mass. – Frankly the odds are so low I haven’t really given it a lot of thought… Won’t be Barr, that’s a given since BEFORE Denver. Options include Phillies, (I did originally pledge to vote for him after all…) the BTP candidates Jay and Knapp (in keeping with the precedent set by McBride) or possibly a true Libertarian ticket chosen by me, say L. Neil Smith and Ms. Keaton… This is just sort of casual thought, I haven’t spent a lot of time worrying about it, I figure it is more important to pay attention to my protection against getting hit by a meteor or something like that…(odds are higher)

    I’m just getting caught up on the days melodrama – we had a State Committee meeting this afternoon that took us away from the play-by-play…

    I am not at liberty to discuss OUR exec session on this, but Barr is not as badly hurt as a result of today’s actions as he could have been… Further decisions are awaiting. The LNC is treading very close to a thin line that I will not consider it OK to cross, but they haven’t screwed the pooch yet… (but I don’t trust that gleam in Starr’s eye…)

    (BTW, I am NOT the only Mass. Elector who isn’t voting for Barr, just the loudest…)

  16. Thomas M. Sipos

    Spence: “I’m working on a theory to be published somewhere sometime maybe regarding the LP’s obsession with inner-party politics. They compensate for the fact they don’t participate in national squabbles by inventing their own hostilities so they can keep the “club” designation and protest party cred.

    It’s quite ingenious really.”

    But hardly original. I’ve been hearing the same gripe about the LP going back decades.

    Many people will respond to your theory by saying: “Well, sure. I’ve been saying that all along.”

  17. Spence

    Do I care if it’s original or not? It bears repeating. Obviously, the intention was a joke, so who cares where I derived the idea from?

    The fact is nothing’s being done about it. It’s distracting.

  18. Thomas M. Sipos

    Nothing will be done about it.

    As I’ve written in the past, the LP is
    primarily a social club.

    All factions regard the LP as a social club, consciously or not. It’s been true for 30 years. It will be true 30 years from now.

    We are not a real political party. We are a lodge, a social club, a dysfunctional family, an unruly tribe.

    Read my link above, and see if I don’t make many of the points you may be considering.

    Nor will anything be done about this. Most LP members want a social club, perhaps especially those who most loudly denounce the LP for being a social club.

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