Barr says he shows ‘leadership’ in dissing Ron Paul

Bob Barr invited Ron Paul to be his vice-presidential candidate, replacing pro-Afghanistan surger Wayne Allyn Root, and when Paul said no, Barr decided to ditch the press event he originally agreed to attend. His campaign is spinning this as “leadership to unify the liberty movement.”

Unwilling to appear on stage with fellow third-party aspirants Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney, and Chuck Baldwin, Barr backed out of Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty event at the last minute, leaving the LP’s Austin Peterson in the lurch. He then staged his own solo press conference, where he was largely denounced by supporters of Paul, including Adam Kokesh, an Iraq War veteran whom Russ Verney attempted to silence.

Barr was asked whether he was a GOP agent attempting to destroy the LP. He denied it.

11 thoughts on “Barr says he shows ‘leadership’ in dissing Ron Paul

  1. Fred Church Ortiz

    I wonder about this letter. It’s dated to yesterday. From reports (still looking for a video) it seems RP thought up the conference starting that Barr would be there, and the staff wasn’t aware. Will the mailman deliver it to RP tomorrow? Maybe it’s an attachment on an unread e-mail.

  2. johncjackson

    Since Barr decided yesterday to have his own press conference, I assume Ron Paul rejected him yesterday.

  3. VTV

    Leadership…. I play a lot of Battlefield 1942. For some reason this move reminds me of infiltrating my opponents base, jumping in one of their aircraft and flying it right into the ocean.

    Our party has been duped. This is intentional. The whole drive this convention was to hope to appeal to the Ron Paul crowd. Now the GOP is far more secure. People are more willing to vote for McCain then Barr.

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