Campaign for Liberty official says he’s ‘never seen Dr. Paul so angry’ over Barr’s back-out

From United for Liberty:

I spoke to Don Rasmussen personally just a moment ago and he confirms everything that’s been reported so far. He has never seen Dr. Paul so angry and is saddened by the possible repercussions of Barr’s actions on the freedom movement. Shane Cory did indeed tell Don to go f*ck himself when he asked Shane why he did this, though he admits that Shane also recited a list of perceived grievences, ie; lack of invitations to events, etc., that led to the decision to eschew Ron’s press conference and stage his own. Don also clarified that Barr did agree to attend the press conference and that Russ Verney’s claims otherwise are lies.

71 thoughts on “Campaign for Liberty official says he’s ‘never seen Dr. Paul so angry’ over Barr’s back-out

  1. G.E. Post author

    The battle lines have been drawn — you spineless Barr backers cannot have it both ways: Either you’re with Shane Cory, Mike Ferguson, W.A.R., and Barr; or you’re with Ron Paul.

  2. G.E. Post author

    This has to be the greatest example of incompetence in political history — to blow this event so badly… Amazing.


  3. VTV


    None of the other candidates would of made this mistake. None of them. This cannot be a mistake. I honestly feel that these neo-cons in our party are quite intentionally destroying what could of been the best election year for the LP.

  4. Sivarticus

    Sick. Sick. SICK! I cannot believe this crap! I was ready to whole-heartedly cast a vote for Barr until today. He just lost my respect and my vote, barring a miracle.

    I cannot in good conscience vote for someone who would piss off and snub the Good Doctor like that. Bob Barr is dead to me and thousands of other Ron Paul supporters today. Even Adam Kokesh (a speaker at the Rally for the Republic, disrupter of McCain’s nomination speech, and Iraq War Vet) has withdrawn his support for Barr.

    I can’t vote for Barr or McKinney. Ralph Nader or Chuck Baldwin it is. I’m only thankful all these candidates are on the ballot in my state.

  5. Ross Levin

    GE – I wouldn’t say battle lines have been drawn. “Divided we fall.”

    And it might be the biggest mistake in Libertarian Party history, but not political history.

  6. G.E. Post author

    VTV – Phillies may not have agreed to that C4L platform. He’s pro-Fed, even as he rails against the national debt! That’s like being pro-solar energy but anti-Sun!

  7. G.E. Post author

    There’s a difference between a “mistake” and an instance of “incompetence.” I don’t know if you could find a better total fuck up than this ever in any field, not just politics.

  8. Ross Levin

    The Iraq War? Slavery? Those don’t top this as total fuck ups?

    And if you’re just talking about incompetence, I would say the Bush administration is up there. Nero’s at the top, too. This, like I said, probably tops the list for the Libertarian Party.

  9. johncjackson

    Barr’s Done. Fuck Him.

    FWIW, I was never 100% on board with Ron Paul either. But I’d side with him over Barr any day.

    Barr/Root’s mistakes have been mounting since day 1. Shit, before day 1. And it’s just too much.

  10. darolew

    “The Iraq War? Slavery? Those don’t top this as total fuck ups?”

    The Iraq war was a total success. It did exactly what those who started it wanted it to do.

  11. Steve LaBianca

    G.E. // Sep 10, 2008 at 3:53 pm

    This has to be the greatest example of incompetence in political history — to blow this event so badly… Amazing.

    G.E., Barr cannot upset the Republican leadership! He has plans to run for statewide office in 2010, with the GOP. Check it out . . . both the Governorship (the current Governor is term limited) and Senate seat are up for election in 2010. Barr is going for one or the other. He can’t be perceived as outside. Thus, he has to distance himself from Ron Paul, at least somewhat, and especially on this type of platform.

    VTV // Sep 10, 2008 at 4:07 pm

    This cannot be a mistake. I honestly feel that these neo-cons in our party are quite intentionally destroying what could of been the best election year for the LP.

    Correct. This wasn’t a “mistake”. It was a calculated decision to keep up appearances and ties with the Republican leadership and mainstream conservative GOP’ers.

    Barr has never tried to court libertarians, except for once . . . when it came time to vote in Denver. It didn’t take long for him to begin distancing himself from the supposed “hard-core” libertarianism he supposedly adopted.

    Barr (and W.A.R.) are phonies (i.e. not libertarians), pure and simple.

  12. Steve LaBianca

    Curt Boyd // Sep 10, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    Who’s a worse candidate, Berglund or Barr?

    David Bergland may not have been a great candidate, but he was and still is a fundamentally sound libertarian. Barr is neither a good candidate or a libertarian.

  13. yankeefox

    Barr should have known this would make Paul ripshit. There’s only one explanation: he’s trying to win back Dondero!

    Third party politics: always worth the price of admission.

  14. Thomas L. Knapp


    I think you may be wrong. I ‘m not so sure Barr is angling for governor or US Senate after all.

    In his ex-wife’s article (or was it an affidavit?) about the abortion and their breakup, she said that Barr had once told her he intended to be elected president and then serve on the US Supreme Court.

    My hunch is that once he realized that he’d never be president, he started angling for the other.


    – Barr costs McCain the election.

    – Barr immediately starts talking about running again. GOP insiders prevail upon Sonny Perdue to appoint him to a state court judicial seat to shut him up and keep him out of the race.

    – If the Republicans win the White House in 2012, Barr starts talking about running AGAIN … or maybe just tells the right people he’s considering it. Appointment to the federal bench, maybe even straight to SCOTUS.

  15. inDglass

    G.E. and Ross,

    Perhaps this isn’t as much Paul vs. Barr as Paul vs. Neocons. Barr is just leaning toward the neocons. So I don’t feel it’s a case of “divided we fall.”

  16. blakmira

    Both Barr and McKinney heavily inspire the upchuck factor in me, and have from the very beginning. They both share the self-importance gene and are totally confused about their allegiances.

    Since the nomination, I’ve believed that Barr is an infiltrator sent to break up the LP. I also believe that if McKinney weren’t herself on the ballot, she’d be voting for her hero, Obama.

    Even the third parties have an appalling lack of acceptable Ron Paul-like candidates. Help. 2012 is a long ways off.

  17. Spence

    I know two cents aren’t worth anything in today’s economy, but honestly, both sides are idiotic in this situation. Paul for wasting everyone’s time with a “let’s take em down” 3rd quarter pep talk, and Barr for acting all superior and preserving his GOP ways.

    Perhaps this will finally draw the curtain for many people on the charade that is the LP.

  18. inDglass

    blakmira, Chuck Baldwin is running on basically the same platform as Ron Paul. He is also a man of integrity. Unfortunately, his ballot access is weak, the media completely ignores him, and he is not registering in polls.

    In 2012, we need Ron Paul or a “Ron Paul candidate” who is on the ballot in all 50 states and capable of getting the media’s attention as well as Ron Paul has this year. I see no reason why we can’t make that happen with the nearly 100,000 CFL members and so many other supporters of our message out there.

  19. Spence

    Courting viable candidates takes time. You either find one to come along from one of the other parties (usually a bad idea) or you “grow” them so-to-speak yourself. Of course, this would mean the LP has to plan something, and you know how much they hate to invest in the future!

    It should really be obvious to everyone by the time November rolls around it’s time to start from scratch.

  20. Steve LaBianca

    Thomas L. Knapp // Sep 10, 2008 at 6:22 pm

    I think you may be wrong. I ‘m not so sure Barr is angling for governor or US Senate after all.

    Tom, all bets would likely be off if McCain wins, but Barr’s in my view, is attempting to revive his failing (failed?) political career. He believes that conservatives have been abandoned by the GOP. He believes that HE is the one to revive “true” conservatism” (as he perceives the GOP conservatives believe) for the GOP.

    However, the process to make inroads into the GOP is slow indeed. What better way than to use a vehicle (the LP) with a strong ballot access base and organization (as third parties go) to get his name out there to the whole country, rather quickly? All the while, Barr says to libertarians that he is one of them, while winking to the conservative Republicans implying, “psst, just kidding”.

    Hence, we have a Libertarian campaign wholly concentrating on conservatives (find the word libertarian on Barr’s website, other than that he was nominated by the “Libertarian” Party, . . go ahead look!) with an eye toward the future of reviving “true” limited federal government “conservatism” in the GOP.

    Add in the fact that in Georgia, there is a freshman GOP senator, a term limited Governor, with the freshman senator saying that he may (I stress “may”) run for Governor instead, and you have a perfect scenario for Barr to vie for one of either statewide offices.

    This is NOT the goal however. Both the Go0vernorship or Senate is a means to his ultimate end. As we see how tough it is for a congressman to get a major party nomination, Barr believes that he must get a Governorship or Senate seat to “legitimately” vie for the presidency as a Republican.

    If McCain wins however, the scenario may change dramatically. Remember though, Barr was mostly silent about the presidential election, until McCain became the presumptive nominee. Now, with the GOP having McCain, Barr had the perfect launching pad to court conservative GOP’ers! McCain was way too out of the conservative liking, so here comes Bob into the picture, to save the day! Plus Barr is egotistical enough to think that he is a better campaigner than Huckabee, Romney, etc. HE is the one to champion the TRUE conservative mantle!

    All these steps are calculated, and steps toward the ultimate goal to become president. Personally, I believe that Barr is uneasy about getting too close to Paul’s rhetoric of “bust the duopoly major parties”. He may even privately agree, but he will not take a chance on hurting the long-term goal. Using the GOP for his purpose of becoming president.

    Tom, I know there are several “ifs” here, but Barr believes he is smart enough, savvy enough, and more conservative than the others to carry the GOP back to true conservatism. I don’t think it is far-fetched at all. I think it is highly likely!

  21. inDglass

    Steve, what’s funny is that Barr’s emphasis on conservatism and neglect of the libertarian base has been exposed again and again online and to his face by many reputable libertarians and seemingly thousands of other grassroots supporters. However, Barr continues to pander to conservatives and ignore the growing number of libertarians who are running away screaming from his campaign and the LP.

  22. Anti-Corporate

    I don’t think that Barr’s absence will make much difference. The MSM doesn’t give enough detail about the event for anyone to even realize that Barr was a no-show. The popular reports just focus on the fact that Ron Paul says to vote third-party (including Barr on the list with Baldwin, McKinney, and Nader).

    On the Campaign for Liberty blog, people don’t seem to realize that there was any issue at all. Although a few people care a whole lot about Barr’s choices in this episode, most Ron Paul supporters will only hear that he endorsed the four candidates named above. Unless, of course, those who are very upset about Barr’s behavior make it a point to inform lots of Ron Paul supporters about what went on today …

    [Full disclosure, I am a Nader supporter and hope that Nader will get a bit of a bump from this. I find it galling that Barr touts the Zogby polls that put him much higher than every other poll and puts Nader much lower than every other poll. I find it galling that he distances himself from Nader when he ought to be debating Nader and collaborating on upsetting the Republocrat duopoly. I’d be pleased if Nader got all the Ron Paul support and Barr got none of it–though, of course, that’s not what I expect.]

  23. Nexus

    So, Barr now thinks of himself as the leader of the freedom movement. I had planned to vote for Barr. I contributed to his campaign. I even joined a local Barr meetup group. No longer.
    Dr. Paul wanted to show the country that there are alternatives to the two major parties. Barr seems to think he is the only alternative.
    Note to Mr. Barr. Ron Paul supporters aren’t looking for someone to ‘lead’ the freedom movement. We want government out of our way so we can lead ourselves.

  24. Hugh Jass

    Now that Barr has support from less than one in three libertarians, and he’s dissed the 1.2 million supporters of Ron Paul, it would seem that Barr has set himself up for the perfect storm, whereby he can give the Libertarian Party its worst electoral showing since Marrou and Bergland. Barr is ever worse, since unlike the former two, he isn’t even a libertarian. Don’t be surprised if Barr gets a fifth- or sixth-place showing in the election. The net effect of what he’s done is to unite Ron Paul supporters behind Baldwin, (and to a lesser extent, Nader).

  25. Hugh Jass

    However, a silver lining of this disaster is that Mary Ruwart is all but assured the nomination of the Libertarian Party (or what’s left of it) in 2012.

  26. G.E. Post author

    Yeah, where is Barr employee Stephen Gordon with another one of his libertarian list surveys?

  27. Hugh Jass

    Here’s an interesting question: Who will the 125,000 California Paulites such as myself vote for? It seems that now, the only choices for us are Ralph Nader, or a write-in.

  28. Mike Gillis

    I don’t think his jackassery will cost him as many votes as you imagine.

    He’s still on a lot of ballots and will still likely come in fourth place.

    But this action will hurt his total of votes. Not because it’ll catch wind to the major media or because it’ll cause a backlash among most of his potential voters.

    What it’ll do is murder his fundraising and volunteer base among the LP rank and file and the people who go further than just vote on a candidate.

    He’s pissed on the people who are most likely to knock on doors for him, donate to him, make calls for him, do mailings for him, work on his website and all around WORK for him.

    It’ll hurt his vote total, but not enough to knock his total under McKinney’s or Baldwin’s.

  29. darolew

    “Don’t be surprised if Barr gets a fifth- or sixth-place showing in the election.”

    I’d think 4th is more likely.

  30. G.E. Post author

    Gee, Mike. I’d like to consider voting for Nader. But a libertine Paul hater from Outright Libernazis said that “anyone who would even consider voting for Nader or McKinney is not a real libertarians.” So I guess I have to write in libertarian Democrat George Phillies, whom Outright endorsed.

    < / snark >

    I was between McKinney and Baldwin, but Nader has moved on the radar due to his behavior today.

  31. G.E. Post author

    I’m thinking maybe a Libertarians for Nader bloc to help ensure Barr doesn’t manage third could be a good idea.

  32. darolew

    Eh, I’m too slow.

    On the subject of who to vote for, I was thinking Nader or Baldwin if anyone. Baldwin’s probably closer ideologically, but his over-the-top religion and social conservatism is a turn-off. A vote for Nader would be merely an anti-establishment vote, and have little to do with ideology. IDK.

  33. Fred Church Ortiz

    I’m stuck between Nader & Baldwin too. On the issues (save a few) Baldwin would be a no-brainer, but I’m apprehensive as hell about casting a write-in. I just don’t trust it. That, and it’d take me almost twice as much effort to write “Chuck Baldwin” as it would “Ron Paul”. Is possibly having my vote counted worth writing an extra 5 letters? Probably, but I’d have to get over my jitters.

    GE makes a good point about Nader. I have no need to decide now; I’m pretty sure I’m done donating for the year, but if either has some specific goal they need help on before I decide then I’ll just match the donation to both of them.

  34. darren

    Barr’s campaign is incompetent. No question.

    But Paul has all the power and credibility here. And he blew it. I supported the “message” and the man. I still support the message, but where is the man going? Straight to irrelevancy.

    All I want is to vote for a credible pro-liberty candidate that will get noticed and spread the “message”. Paul didn’t want to continue. Fine. I respect that. Barr offered himself up. He took flak, but he’s just another vessel for the message. Now Paul shot any mainstream credibility he had, and Barr shot any respect he had in the movement.

    The real loser here is me and you and everyone who wants the liberty “message” to be heard.

    I might as well vote lesser of two evils now.

  35. darren

    He has never seen Dr. Paul so angry and is saddened by the possible repercussions of Barr’s actions on the freedom movement.

    Said moments after Dr. Paul splintered the freedom movement. Hard to hurt a movement that was just shattered.

  36. Hugh Jass


    I’m not really voting for Nader out of support for Nader. The fact was that the Barr campaign is now officially FUBAR, and I could never vote for a black supremacist (McKinney), a warmonger (McCain), a fascist (Keyes), or a elitist gun-grabber (Obama). Thus, my three options are to vote for Nader, cast a worthless write-in vote, or not vote at all. And while I did used to make fun of Nader for being a Luddite, I still see him as the least bad person on my ballot.

  37. G.E. Post author

    Yeah. I’m officially on board. I haven’t announced who I’m voting for yet this year. I’ve flirted with Barr (gag), Baldwin, McKinney, and even Obama… I’m voting for Nader. Why? For one, he showed class today, and for two, because a vote for Nader is a vote AGAINST Barr getting third place. Baldwin and McKinney, though in some ways better candidates, don’t stand a chance. My vote is an anti-Barr vote.

  38. José C

    Bob Barr does not owe Ron Paul a thing. This event was a third party love feast which included socialists and leftists. Why? Why do we or Ron Paul owe Ralph Nader or Cynthia McKinney a thing? Chuck Baldwin I can understand but the other two. It does not make any sense.

    Is Ron Paul’s ego so vast he cannot stay out of the limelight? Let it go already. Let it go.

  39. Fred Church Ortiz

    Are you in CA Hugh? Baldwin’s write-ins will be counted (most likely, dunno if he’s certified yet), but RP’s will not.

  40. G.E. Post author

    If you want to vote for Baldwin, then by all means, vote for Baldwin.

    But if you want to vote against Barr, Nader is the man to vote for.

  41. darolew

    I’m seriously considering bringing a coin with me to the ballot. Tails, I vote for Nader. Heads, I vote for Baldwin.

    It worked on my calculus exams, maybe it works for politics too.

  42. Hugh Jass

    Yes, I can legitimately write-in Ron Paul. It just won’t be counted. However, in the past year, throughout my conversion from constitutionalist minarchism to anarcho-capitalism, I’ve given agorism more serious thought. Maybe I’ll just roll a roulette wheel and determine whether to vote Nader, write-in Baldwin, write-in Paul, or don’t vote at all.

  43. Hugh Jass

    If I were to make a write-in, I would have to use a paper ballot. It is diffucult as hell to cast a write-in vote on a electronic ballot.

  44. VTV

    Barr doesn’t need to be polite to Libertarians anymore. He got what he wanted from us. Now he moves on to the voters he really cared about.

  45. Spence

    No. Wrong. That Free State Project is a fucking travesty. If you guys want to make lasting changes, don’t chicken shit out and latch onto some crack-pipedream. Start in your own state.

  46. Doob

    Bob Barr and Wayne Root and your stupid f’ing staff:

    You can’t HAVE the Revolution. It belongs to EVERYONE.

  47. JimDavidson

    We’re registering Charles Jay in many states as a write-in candidate, even identifying electors where it is required. So, that may be a choice. And if we can do it for Charles, others can do it for Ron Paul.

  48. VTV

    I would like to get Charles Jay in an interview on We have had Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, and Ron Paul already. If you know someone who can get in contact with him, I would appreciate you having him contact me at

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