Former LP Vice Chair says ‘factual errors’ in Keaton’s reporting

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I attended the LNC meeting as a member of the gallery.

I think it’s great that Angela has been live-blogging the meeting. I appreciate her engaging writing style and colorful language.

However, I want to point out that I’ve seen a number of factual errors in the reporting above. One such error produced a statement so offensive to LP activists that it merits immediate correction.

– [Andrew Davis (LP Media Coordinator) has] been in Atlanta the past two months assisting Barr campaign. These are roughly his words: LP proper ceased to be of interest to the campaign once the nominee was chosen. (emphasis added)

The actual quote was more along the lines of “LP proper ceased to be of interest to the media once the nominee was chosen.” In other words, the media stopped looking for quotes from LP headquarters and interviews with Bill Redpath, looking instead for quotes from Bob Barr and interviews with Bob Barr.

I saw several other glaring factual mistakes during my initial reading of this several hours ago. Unfortunately, I’m on a tight schedule this weekend and don’t have the time to proofread for all such corrections (nor should I have to).

Let me be clear: I am not criticizing Angela for her live-blogging. It’s really friggin’ tough to transcribe things as they are said and I know any mistake was unintentional. But I would ask that readers entertain the possibility that some things posted here may be misunderstandings/miscommunications caused by a transcription error.

There’s always a trade-off between fast and accurate. LP members have had to wait weeks or months for super-accurate minutes from our Secretary. When Sean Haugh released LNC meeting reports a few terms ago, even those took a month to complete. It is refreshing to see instant gratification with live-blogging. Let’s not forget the trade-off though. Appreciate both and recognize their limitations: don’t demand accurate minutes instantly and don’t treat live-blogging as precision, fact-checked news reporting.

For those of you actually at the LNC meeting who see errors here, please post them in comments and/or ask Angela to make corrections.

19 thoughts on “Former LP Vice Chair says ‘factual errors’ in Keaton’s reporting

  1. chuckmoulton

    I think this is the same statement David Nolan alluded to:

    Of greater concern to me right now is the increasing evidence that the Barr campaign has effectively “blown off” the party. Angela’s blog item stating that Andrew Davis as much as said so earlier today confirmed my suspicions in that regard.

  2. chuckmoulton

    And here is that quote from Angela’s live-blogging again for clarity:

    –He’s been in Atlanta the past two months assisting Barr campaign. These are roughly his words: LP proper ceased to be of interest to the campaign once the nominee was chosen.

  3. G.E. Post author

    Would you like me to update the Nolan post in some way, Chuck? If so, what do you suggest?

  4. chuckmoulton

    Meh. It’s up to you guys how you want to run this place.

    As for me, I need to sleep so I can be up bright and early to watch more hot LNC on LNC action.

  5. chuckmoulton

    Alright, if we want to play “he said, she said”, here is some more supporting evidence from Andrew Davis’s written staff report in the binder distributed to all LNC members and members of the gallery (the last page of tab 3).

    Paragraph 1:

    Following the nomination of Bob Barr, the media focused [sic] immediately switched from the LP to Barr. This, of course, was expected given the caliber of Barr’s candidacy that makes him a major player in the upcoming election.

    Paragraph 5:

    As I said before, the media has turned its attention from the LP-proper to the Barr campaign, so most of the media focus from our end has been in promoting Bob.

    I’m also willing to wager a $100 donation to the LP with Angela that everyone else in the room besides her heard the quote above the way I heard it. So all she needs to produce is one other person in the room who agrees with her recollection of the statement and she can credit her Give or Get with $100 from me. Or a $100 donation to Whichever.

    I stand by my statement.

    As I said, I wasn’t trying to criticize Angela here. I recognize that anyone typing as fast as people speak will make the occasional mistake. And the costs of making such mistakes are more than exceeded by the benefits of quicker reporting.

    Angela seems to agree with me here:

    It is goddamn clear that it is merely me typing as quickly as I can. I have no lock on the truth. I said that several times. Get over it. There are 20 other people who have their versions. I am merely one. I speak for me and only me.

    But not correcting an error once discovered is another matter entirely. It’s easy enough to criticize the Barr campaign with objective facts (e.g., Bob Barr’s brochures — as pointed out by David Nolan), so why harp on things like this that aren’t objective facts?

  6. George Phillies

    *Paragraph Five proves she was telling the truth. The Barr Campaign is blowing off the party, promoting Barr and not Libertarian.

    That makes the Barr Campaign totally worthless for our party.*

  7. Steve Perkins

    Jesus Christ. I haven’t been by in a few weeks, but stopped in because I heard there was some LNC controversy. After reading over 20 pages of liveblogging, my eyes glazed over and I still have zero idea what is going on. It’s an endless field of snark on top of snark, followed by G.E. posting 20 comments per thread about everyone being a Nazi. Given that Chuck Moulton’s objectivity is more trustworthy than anyone else’s on this thread by 10 orders of magnitude, I imagine much of this is hyperbole and distortion anyway.

    Just to rant a little myself, since I’m getting over a cold and am in a crabby mood this weekend… does anyone else on IPR actually have a real job? From the perspective of a part-time viewer who pops in from time to time, it comes across less like a political blog and more like a World of Warcraft style MMORPG. It’s the sort of thing that you either devote your life to, or don’t play at all, with no middle ground. There’s seldom any big picture overview… the posts and comments are so “insider” that if you aren’t reading every 15 minutes, while simultaneously following a dozen other blogs, you’ll have zero idea what anyone is talking about.

    I know that some hardcore World of Warcraft addicts have actually started outsourcing their gameplay, so that Chinese players will “level up” their characters while they’re sleeping. I’m thinking about paying some Malaysian kids 50 cents a day to log in with my account, write briefs on all the threads, and post the word “statist” a dozen times in each thread… so I can feel like part of it again.

  8. paulie cannoli

    LOL @ Perkins.

    Excellent idea. But I think E*** D****** R****** is already on top of that. I was wondering how he gets on so many different discussion fora simultaneously.

    BTW, I think your comments are insulting to World of Warcraft addicts. They are far less dedicated, and the object of their obsession is far more meaningful.

  9. pdsa

    AK was posting on Twitter. It has a 140 character limit per post. Factual error? It’s Twitter! At least she didn’t use IM Latin:

  10. paulie cannoli

    “I’m thinking about paying some Malaysian kids 50 cents a day to log in with my account, write briefs on all the threads, and post the word “statist” a dozen times in each thread…”

  11. G.E. Post author

    I work with kids from Bangalore and Bangladesh and Romania for my “real job” that Steve says I don’t have. I wouldn’t mock them or their efforts in such a snobbish fashion, though. They’re hardworking entrepreneurs lifting themselves out of poverty and creating wealth. What is it that Steve does again?

  12. Steve Perkins

    Steve is a software developer, meaning that he… works with kids from Bangalore and Romania all day. The only difference is that in this case, “work” is an actual verb… and not just a euphemism to describe the period of time you spend arguing on the Internet.

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