Ralph Nader endorses ThirdPartyTicket.com

Independent candidate Ralph Nader has endorsed Trevor Lyman’s proposed alternative debate, joining Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin:

Trevor Lyman is the man who organized the Ron Paul money bombs.

One Lyman money bomb raised $4 million in one day.

Another raised $6 million in one day.

Now, Lyman is at it again.

Lyman wants to hold a third party debate in New York City.

Lyman was inspired by Ron Paul’s press conference a couple of weeks ago.

At that press conference, Paul called on his followers to ditch the two major parties and throw their support to one of the independent or third party candidates.

So, we all need to support Lyman’s push for an alternative debate now.

If Lyman gets 10,000 pledges by October 8, he and the other sponsors will organize a debate in New York City.

All major candidates — Nader, Barr, McKinney, Baldwin, Obama and McCain will be invited.

Currently, 6,210 people have pledged to donate to the proposed debate.

7 thoughts on “Ralph Nader endorses ThirdPartyTicket.com

  1. paulie cannoli Post author

    Not as a separate story, unless I missed something.

    Looking through the index, I see that you did an initial story on the debate and a followup on an endorsement by Chuck Baldwin, and I did a story about them getting more than half way to their goal and then this one.

    Was there something I missed?

  2. Sivarticus

    If they go ahead with the winner-take-all moneybomb, it’ll probably come down to Nader vs. Baldwin supporters. Barr is generally ignoring this thing, and McKinney supporters are too small a group to make much difference.

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