Senate candidate to host Constitution Day rally and have ‘mini-bomb’ on Sept. 19th

Write-in candidate for the Senate Darryl W. Perry plans to host a Constitution Day rally on September 17th. It will be Linn Park 710 20th Street North in Birmingham, Alabama. The rally will last from 12pm to 2pm, and everyone who attends will receive a free copy of Republic Magazine.

Of his “mini-bomb” on September 19th, Darryl Perry says:

Darryl W. Perry is hoping to raise $1,000 during the September 19, 2008 POW/MIA Day “mini-bomb” for his Senate campaign, to purchase signs and do bulk-mailing to inform the State Voters of their choice for US Senate this November.
Perry is hoping to get donations of only $5 or $10. People can donate at either or

Darryl W. Perry

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