Will Barr’s campaign manager be fired?

The IPR-coined term “Snubgate” made it to the most widely read libertarian Web site in the world, LewRockwell.com, today, when Eric Garris published an entry on the LRC blog asking if the Barr campaign’s leadership is “splitting.”

Garris’s question was prompted by the scathing editorial David Franke, a conservative movement veteran, posted at Third Party Watch. TPW, of course, is owned by Richard Viguerie, who upon acquiring the site from Barr employee Stephen Gordon, immediately halted all anti-Barr commentary and inspired the resignation of four bloggers who now write for IPR.

Garris says he thinks this might be the first sign that Russ Verney, the subject of Franke’s ire, might be ousted in an attempt to make up for “Snubgate.”

19 thoughts on “Will Barr’s campaign manager be fired?

  1. George Phillies


    Let’s start with the simple question.

    Who is paying Russ Verney?

    The Barr campaign has not paid him as a named person since early June, say FEC reports effective through end of July. The LNC is not paying him.

    Who is paying him?

  2. darolew

    Before jumping to a conspiracy-theory conclusion, there’s always the possibility he is working for free. He might be well enough off to not require an income.

  3. rdupuy

    I know I’m hijacking the thread, but just wanted to say, its dawned on me, this is the best website ever!

    I’m not a gushing teenager, in fact, I joined the LP almost 20 years ago. I just love the format, and the articles, and yes, the day to day intrigue really is a human drama more than anything else.

    But I love it, its great.

    I just have a feeling I’m going to have to sharpen my thoughts if I keep posting here.

  4. G.E. Post author

    I know I’m hijacking the thread, but just wanted to say, its dawned on me, this is the best website ever!


    BTW, if I’m not mistaken, this guy is an anti-Paul, pro-Barr(?) man.

  5. rdupuy

    p.s. I fully support Bob Barr.

    Do you remember letters to the editor, in the days of the printed word?

    I’ve had a few over the years, and I enjoy writing them. This year I’ve had two published, both in the Christian Science Monitor.

    I was thinking about this, because its different from the internet of course. The Editor only picks some letters, it was understood, and never considered a violation of anyones rights, if your letter wasn’t published.

    Different times. Libertarians tend to always talk about rights, but as an older person now at 38, I also think about tradition, and the role that plays in society.

    I do think there should be a tradition of understanding that presidential campaigns, simply aren’t going to post every comment. That they do edit. They do ‘censor’ to use a loaded word, because its their right to control their image, not simply their right, but a tradition (i.e. non-offensive).

    Would be nice anyway.

  6. Trent Hill


    With all due respect–he may be a salaried employee. And that salary may be so large that they want to pay it at the END of the campaign in order to involve any scandals.

  7. amyb31416

    G.E. Queried: G.E. // Sep 12, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    I know I’m hijacking the thread, but just wanted to say, its dawned on me, this is the best website ever!


    BTW, if I’m not mistaken, this guy is an anti-Paul, pro-Barr(?) man.”

    He’s very anti-Paul, not sure about his pro-Barr status. He was gracious enough to troll an RP forum to set them all straight on the racist newsletters. As if Paul supporters are not well-aware of this giant gaffe on Paul’s part.

    For what it’s worth, he’s posted anti-Paul stuff around. I guess if you’re anti-Paul, you’ll see that as a good thing.

    I’m not anti-Paul. Though I am for ending all of this BS. I seriously doubt that Barr is the one that would bring us together, well, I know that now.

    Paul supporters are looking for a new home and Barr essentially told them to shove it. Brilliant!

  8. G.E. Post author

    I’m pro-Paul, too. Which is why I was happy that someone who was the opposite of me liked the site.

  9. svf

    this pro-Barr “establishment shill” agrees that Verney needs to be canned… he’s not proven to be worth whatever they’re paying him (and besides, that moeny can be better spent paying me to post comments on IPR!)

    ignoring snubgate, emotions, and personalities, Verney has failed to achieve anywhere near the results promised for this haphazardly managed campaign to date, and needs to be held responsible.

  10. svf

    he’s not proven to be worth whatever they’re paying him…

    … and if in fact he’s being paid very little or nothing at all… well, he’s still not worth it.

  11. Gene Trosper

    Firing Verney is an idea that should have been implemented a long time ago, especially when the Jesse Helms press release was distributed.

    I’ve been saying for a while that it looks like high level staff like Verney (and Corey) are the ones primarily responsible for these major gaffes. Heads need to roll and they need to be rolling RIGHT NOW.

    The big question is this: can the Barr campaign sufficiently recover from this and regain much of it’s lost support to make any difference? Maybe, but the changes would have to be very dramatic and very inspiring.

    Barr held promise as a candidate, but he needs a campaign staff that will not attempt to cripple him at every opportunity. Running a Libertarian campaign is very different from a Republican or Democrat campaign and they need to realize that.

  12. svf

    The big question is this: can the Barr campaign sufficiently recover from this and regain much of it’s lost support to make any difference?

    Fact is, whatever the perceived “lost support” due to Snubgate, LP infighting, etc. is, it will not change the fact that Barr is polling at 1-2% in “real” polls and has not yet raised even $1 million with less than 2 months until election day.

    He has nothing to lose at this point… I say full steam ahead, damn the torpedoes, fire Verney, start over from scratch, and try anything and everything.

    If the campaign ends up fizzling out in the usual less than 1% of the vote fashion, well at least do so with enthusiasm and creativity. Lessons will be learned one way or the other for 2012.

  13. Gene Trosper

    Crossover appeal of third party candidates isn’t that great, so the vast majority of legwork and financial contributions generally come directly from the already converted. It’s this support that Barr desperately needs to maintain some semblance of a campaign. Sure, he could ignore Libertarians and HOPE that he gains %1 of the vote total, but that would be just as foolish as keeping Verney on board.

    If Barr wants to attain the Holy Grail of 1% to match or even exceed Ed Clark, he needs our support. Unless his campaign machine has discovered perpetual motion, Barr needs us to push his machine to a gas station for fuel.

  14. mscrib


    Do you have any suggestions on who could possibly replace Verney? I agree that Verney clearly lacks an understanding of what a Libertarian presidential campaign should be doing and saying, but I don’t know who could come in and save Barr this late in the game.

  15. Gene Trosper


    It’s not one person who can save Barr, but a coalition of people. They would be the campaign advisory committee and not only hand pick a campaign manager, but provide guidance and direction.

  16. G.E. Post author

    I nominate Gene Trosper. He’s someone who understands libertarianism and was fully committed to supporting Barr. He gave him every benefit of the doubt (extending beyond the ridiculous, imo) but finally snapped on Snubgate. Having someone like Trosper, instead of the evil Shane Cory, would have greatly benefited Barr’s campaign.

  17. Ayn R. Key

    Why fire Verney? He’s doing an excellent job of making sure libertarians don’t have a presence on the ballot this year. That’s what the Barr campaign is all about.

  18. To Mr. Gorden

    WHAT are you doing on MSNBC!!!!!!! WITH OF ALL PEOPLE THAT TWIT Rachael?? You are a fool does Ron know you did this???? So what if you think Fox has got a hold of The Tea Party, you made Ron look like a weiner and all of us who support Paul!!!! FOOL, FOOL, FOOL! I think it will take a long time to make this up!!

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