Actor Daniel Sunjata endorses Cynthia McKinney

H/T Green Party Watch

27 thoughts on “Actor Daniel Sunjata endorses Cynthia McKinney

  1. Catholic Trotskyist

    Hopefully McKinney and Baldwin will become an acknowledge candidate of the truthers. Though I am a moderate truther myself, this will prevent our Great Revolutionary General Barack Obama from losing any rightfully Democratic votes to McKinney. This will confirm McKinney’s status as being much better than Criminal Nader.

    I agree though, that this Daniel Sunjata isn’t that notable. It’s like Wayne Allyn Root getting all those gambling endorsements.

  2. johncjackson

    I recognize him from his Reggie Jackson role. He has 19 IMDB credits, around 19 more than that “Hollywood Actor” who ran for the GP nomination.

  3. pfunk2

    Erudite, articulate, and informed! Not to mention immensely talented and handsome lol. Saw him in Take Me Out on broadway (I think he won a Tony). His 9/11 Truther status only adds to his credibility in my opinion since they are one of the very few vanguards of truth on the socio-political landscape these days. No he is not as famous as a Tom Cruise or a Clooney so his influence may not be that far reaching, but I applaud him for his courageous stance on these issues, for seeing through the smokescreen of distraction that is the present election (or s-election as it were) and for not buying into the Cult of Obama phenomenon. Those who say that artists with a platform to be heard should remain silent and simply entertain us are misguided and need to remember the role that art and artists have played throughout history in times of universal deceit (such as the present). If they are informed and educated, as this man obviously is, then they should shout from the rooftops, not cower in the wings for fear of being judged or losing precious “popularity”. Kudos to Mr. Sunjata! Thank you sir for your courage and for sharing your light. Much continued success to you sir.

  4. darolew

    I’ve never heard him, and I don’t think I’ve seen any of the movies he’s been in.

  5. pfunk2

    Ah yes, someone above mentioned his speech at the 2007 Truther event (to benefit sick and dying 1st Responders by the way…which the government has demonstrated NO interest in doing). He is even better when reading his own prepared words as opposed to speaking extemporaneously. See for yourselves:

  6. pfunk2

    This sounds like truth to me folks…


    It is what it is folks. If you can’t see the wickedness and diabolism rampant in our government at this point, then you simply don’t want to; that is called denial. Start listening to the Sunjata’s and Cynthia’s of the world. Not just about the reality of the present election theatrics, but about 9/11 as well. Pretending everything is alright and that our government loves us will not fix anything. Think independently if independence is what you really want to represent. I urge you to start here!

    These are not lunatic fringe fanatics. They are experts in their fields. If they have questions and doubts and accusations and you won’t even rationally examine the evidence (as THEY have done) because the very thought of being betrayed by our leadership offends your sense of reality, then you need to do some serious self-reflection and examine your conscience. Willful ignorance is complicity.

  7. pfunk2

    Interesting. Not a single post since my last visit. Hopefully that is because what I said hit home. It should have; it’s the truth.

  8. Wayne M. Sarf

    Obviously this chump never saw the episode of “South Park” which reveals the real truth behind the 9/11 “Twoofers.”

  9. libertariangirl

    the one where they are all molesting kids or where they uncover st peter is a rabbit?

  10. paulie cannoli Post author

    The first one. I don’t think I saw the rabbit thing, at least I don’t remember it. By the way, speaking of the Catholic Church, here’s Louis CK…

  11. libertariangirl

    oh you gotta see the 2nd one its a spoof on davinci’ last supper and the illuminati . funny funny stuff.
    thy say thats why the papacy’ hats are so tall to hide bunny ears lol

    thank 4 the clip going to watch it now

  12. libertariangirl

    that is one of the funniest things ive ever seen@!@!
    thanks for the huge belly laughs big P

  13. libertariangirl

    i saw that one it was funny as well as that russian chicks boobs and the littlegirls she was dancing with..LOL

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