Green McKinney seeks White House despite lack of attention

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution profiles Green presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney, saying that while the past campaigns of the “firebrand congresswoman, twice sent packing by voters,” once “drew either unbridled support or raw antipathy, this one does something truly shocking — it draws shrugs.” One former backer said McKinney’s “voice is still needed. ‘But she’s no longer a threat. There’s so much going on, no one hears that she’s running. She ran at the wrong time.'” The newspaper says McKinney is “conducting a shadow campaign. She engages in virtual debates on the Web and attends sporadic rallies. Life as a third-party presidential candidate in America is akin to sitting at the children’s table at Thanksgiving: Fringe candidates are not invited to the main debates and must settle for facing off against each other.”

Green Party activist Charles Douglas has “problems with McKinney atop the ticket. ‘She got bounced twice by her own party (in primary elections in 2002 and 2006) and moving to the Green Party is a path to political attention, as opposed to being a political has-been,’ he said.” But Green activist Nan Garrett “said McKinney brings energy and experience. ‘She’s the first presidential candidate we’ve had who’s had public office experience,’ she said. ‘She’s known as forthright when others want to skim around the issues. We like candidates to tell us the truth, even if you don’t want to hear it.'”

One thought on “Green McKinney seeks White House despite lack of attention

  1. johncjackson

    Not fitting in with Democrats is a problem for some Greens? Interesting. I don’t like Bob Barr, but not because he got bounced by a Republican.

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