Libertarian Horning running for governor in Indiana

In a basically positive piece, the Indianapolis Star says Andy Horning, “the face of Indiana’s Libertarian Party,” is “by now a political veteran. His face, still boyish at 50, and his polished public speaking style are familiar to anyone paying attention to Indiana’s elections for the past decade.” But Horning “remains the consummate outsider. Intelligent, quick on his feet and with a level of self-confidence that can be off-putting, he has never won an election and is not about to now — a recent poll had him getting 3 percent of the vote.” One voter said she “plans to vote for Horning ‘because “political” is a dirty word to me, and I think this man could be a “statesman.”‘”

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette says Horning “knows he doesn’t have much of a chance. … So why does he keep running? He said his 2004 race for Congress — as a Republican — left a bad taste in his mouth. ‘I was so disgusted. I didn’t want to have anything to do with politics anymore,’ Horning said. ‘But I guess I wanted to wash out that experience. I couldn’t handle walking away without giving it my best shot one more time.'”

8 thoughts on “Libertarian Horning running for governor in Indiana

  1. Deran

    I’m not a libertarian capitalist, by any stretch of the imagination, but I think a lot of this talk of the demise of the LP is over done. From what I can read, it seems to me that the LP is really making some strides at the local and state levels. And I can’t help but think that it is the strength of the local/stte LP that will make or break it after ’08. And if you ignore the pres ticket, the LP looks pretty solid.

  2. Trent Hill

    I’ll third what Deran said. Some really incredible candidates in certain states like GA, NC, Indiana (Horning and Schansberg). The LP in NH and Vermont also have some possible winning state legislative candidates.

  3. Eternaverse

    Rex Bell ( has a chance of winning a State Rep. seat here in Indiana. He’s running against only a Republican, who is unpopular. He ran in 2006 and got like 20% of the vote against both a democrat and republican. He’s campaigning hard and campaigning to win. He has sent out mailers, ran ads and put up billboards.

  4. Trent Hill


    Thanks. I’ll be putting together a top ten list on state legislative candidates soon, and Rex Bell is very likely to make the list.

  5. Nicolas

    And how did Rex Bell do in the end? He got 14.4 percent of the vote. The LP is useless. It’s time for non-electoral activism on behalf of freedom.

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