Libertarian Munger polling four percent in North Carolina

The latest Public Policy Polling poll on the North Carolina gubernatorial race has Libertarian Mike Munger at four percent. The survey of 1,202 likely voters was conducted October 4-5 (+/- 2.8%).

One thought on “Libertarian Munger polling four percent in North Carolina

  1. Michael Gilson-De Lemos

    Sounds like Dr. Munger is getting out there and doing well for a first time. NC LP has a lot of hard working people.

    I believe Libertarian J. Hornberger did the best in a Governor’s race with a year of heavy literature handout and retail politics such as talking to voters at shopping strips and colleges. Sadly he didn’t repeat it due to other committments, and several tries are needed for victory.

    I hope Munger continues his efforts, but he has already done a bit in getting the message out and making it easier for local people to get in office.

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