Reform Party USA endorses McCain for president

The AP reports Reform Party USA endorsed John McCain for president Saturday during its convention in Hicksville, New York. Party Chairman Frank MacKay says representatives from 27 states voted to endorse McCain, while none backed Barack Obama. MacKay, who heads New York’s Independence Party, “said the endorsement is a badge of honor for McCain as the true reformer.”

14 thoughts on “Reform Party USA endorses McCain for president

  1. darolew

    I take it this isn’t the faction of the Reform Party which has already nominated a candidate?

  2. chinese_conservative

    I am so confused about the Reform Party or the two Reform Parties well 3 parties if you include the Reform Party of Kansas. This is more confusing than the Independent Green Party of VA.

  3. Hugh Jass

    Does that mean that Weill’s name will be taken off the Kansas ballot in favor of McCain? That would be ironic.

  4. Mike Gillis

    So Weill’s Reform Party has one ballot line, and McKay’s has zero?

    What’s the point?

  5. Austin Cassidy

    When someone says the Reform Party has done something, I always ask “which one?”

  6. ksknowall

    Reform Party in Kansas has Chuck Baldwin / Darrell L. Castle President/Vice President on the ballot in 2008.

    They won a battle with the KS SoS who was putting Weill on instead.

    The only reason the reform party is still on the ballot in Kansas is Kansas is one of the easiest states in the nation to keep minor party ballot access.

  7. The Grand Pooh-Bah

    I too am a Ron Paul supporter but since he has sent his support to Chuck Baldwin my vote is going to Baldwin for 08. He has similar values and would have RP in his cabinet if elected. Those who plan to hold your nose and vote either for a R or D candidate don’t waste your vote….vote for the candidate that best represents your views from one of the other parties. Trust me, you will sleep better….

  8. richardwinger

    The Beverly Kennedy faction of the Reform Party is running Ted Weill for president. The John Blare faction of the Reform Party has no candidate, and no ballot-qualified state affiliates. However, John Blare has allied himself with Frank McKay, the state chair of the New York Independence Party, and McKay claims to be the national chair of the Reform Party based on a meeting in Sacramento last year attended by about 12 people. There is also a faction of the Reform Party headed by Jerry Heinemann of West Virginia.

  9. inDglass

    Trust me, you will sleep better…

    Well said. I always say it’s best to vote third party because, even if your choice won’t likely win, you can at least say “I didn’t vote for him!” every time the Republicrat votes for something stupid.

  10. G.E.

    Well, you could not vote and say the same thing.

    True indeed.

    A vote for Baldwin is a vote for protectionism and extraconstitutional government.

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