Socialist candidate for president to make campaign appearance in Tampa, FL

On Monday, October 27th, Brian Moore – the Socialist Party’s nominee for president – will be in Tampa, Florida. From 1 to 3 PM he will be speaking at the Vaughn Center at the Allen N. Reeves Theater at the University of Tampa. The event is open to the public and the media, and is being sponsored by the University’s Student Government and Student Association for Political and International Affairs.

One thought on “Socialist candidate for president to make campaign appearance in Tampa, FL

  1. rickjerm

    I attended the meeting. It had an attendance of 40-50 people or more. A professor brought his class in, and many students asked thoughtful questions. Discussion included the similarity of Scandinavia with the model of the Socialist Party USA, the party’s stance against centrist and authoritarian forms of socialism like China, Cuba, and the former Soviet Union, the party’s stance against industo-military complexes, nuclear power and nuclear weapons, and the necessity of workers and citizens to take control of their own lives. Brian also explained how the redistribution of wealth and the increase of democratic freedoms would increase the incentive of workers who would no longer be forced to give the majority of their wealth to their employers. These radical systemic changes, he said, would allow Americans to stop thinking in cut-throat, no-one-else-but-me terms, and orient ourselves toward the betterment of our community and our neighbors as it is in Latin American countries, for example.

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