3rd through 6th place, Presidential popular vote by percentage, 1992 to present

Nader 0.52% Independent
Barr 0.40% Libertarian
Baldwin 0.14% Constitution
McKinney 0.11% Green

Nader 0.38% Independent
Badnarik 0.32% Libertarian
Peroutka 0.12% Constitution
Cobb 0.10% Green

Nader 2.73% Green
Buchanan 0.43% Reform
Browne 0.36% Libertarian
Phillips 0.11% Constitution

Perot 8.40% Reform
Nader 0.71% Green
Browne 0.50% Libertarian
Phillips 0.19% Constitution

Perot 18.91% Independent
Marrou 0.28% Libertarian
Gritz 0.10% Populist
Fulani 0.07% New Alliance
[Phillips 0.04%] 7th place, including him since the CP is still active

Analyzing these numbers, it seems that all the 3rd through 6th place finishers grew their totals slightly since 2004, came in in the same order, and that the percentage by which they grew was very roughly similar.

The only party among those which was in existence prior to 1992 was the Libertarian Party. Barr’s 0.40% was a fourth place finish among Libertarian presidential candidates historically, behind 1.1% for Clark in 1980, 0.50% for Browne in 1996, and 0.47% for Paul in 1988. Barr did better, percentage-wise, than the LP did in 2004, 2000, 1992, 1984, 1976 or 1972.

Baldwin did better than any past CP Presidential candidate except Phillips in 1996 by percentage. McKinney did better than Cobb, but worse than either of Nader’s runs as a Green.

Nader did better than in 2004, but worse than in 1996 or 2000.

If the Green and Nader percentages were combined, both put together did not do as well as Nader did in 1996 with far fewer ballot lines than either had this year and a self-imposed spending of less than $5,000 that year.

6 thoughts on “3rd through 6th place, Presidential popular vote by percentage, 1992 to present

  1. paulie cannoli Post author


    Oops, you’re right. I’ll go fix it.


    I’ve got a few counts up in different tabs from AP, NY Times, CNN, AOL and Fox. Not 100% sure which one I used. It was at a point where 96% or 97% of the vote was tallied, so it may change slightly, but not by much.

    The historical data is from wikipedia and politics1.com

  2. Catholic Trotskyist

    So Nader, who ran a batter campaign, did worse this time, while Barr did a little better than Badnarik, though not much thankfully. Baldwin and McKinney also did a little better than the past candidates of their parties in 2004 despite their problems.

  3. Morgan Wick

    Barr only being a slight improvement over Badnarik can be attributed mostly to a badly run campaign, especially the Ron Paul feud. Not a good idea to pick a fight with the man whose voters’ energy you’re trying to tap.

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