Boston Tea Party update

Membership growth:

New news at the top 18 November 2008 Growth continues, with 679 people joining the party here. Facebook shows 778.

15 November 2008 We show 675 have joined the party here. On Facebook, 771. Our newest group on Facebook, for South Carolina, has 8 members. California leads the state groups with 44. Is your state listed on our social networking page?

14 November 2008 So far 669 have joined the party on this site. On Facebook, 769. Please invite your friends to join. New ideas on the Youth Caucus thread, see below. We have a new Facebook group for a new South Carolina affiliate. Check the social networking link in the menu above.

13 November 2008 So far 667 people have joined us here. On Facebook, 769. Please invite your friends to join.

12 November 2008 So far 665 people have joined us here. On Facebook, 767. Please invite your friends.

BTP compares Charles Jay’s performance with that of first Libertarian Party presidential candidate, John Hospers.

Message from the BTP chair:

I wanted to make everyone aware that I’m going to step away from my duties as Chairman of the Boston Tea Party National Committee to take care of some personal issues. There’s an illness on my wife’s side of the family and we have very few details at the moment.

My wife, who is pregnant, is pretty stressed out and rightfully so. She deserves my love and attention right now, as any good husband would provide.

Vice Chairman Douglass Gaking will take over my duties for the time being. Right now, there is no set time line for my return, but I hope to resume my duties in the very near future.

Please keep my family in your thoughts.

In Liberty,

Jason Gatties
Boston Tea Party National Committee

6 thoughts on “Boston Tea Party update

  1. JimDavidson

    It’s clear that the official tally of ballot votes for Charles is substantially lower than for Hospers. I think there would have been some more votes in Florida without the Dagny Barnes episode. That would have gone better, and at least one more vote, from John Wayne Smith, would have been cast if Charles and Dagny hadn’t been so…weird about it.

    My understanding is that there were 10 states where Charles was registered as a write-in, and there are about ten other states where writing him in required no advanced registration. I’ve no idea how many to expect, though.

  2. paulie cannoli Post author

    Probably more than the current difference between Jay and Hospers, but we’ll see. I’m not sure it will make up for the difference in the size of the electorate since then.

  3. JimDavidson

    I don’t think we ever had a goal of getting the same percentage result as Hospers. I certainly feel we were extremely blessed to find groups of activists in three states to put Charles on the ballot. That was one more than the LP had for Hospers, and probably represents the greater level of libertarian activism now – due in no small part to the long grand history of LP activism.

    Stop the war.

  4. Catholic Trotskyist

    Jim Davidson talks about being blessed. Blessing is a form of obedience to God. Therefore, Jim is obviously moving more and more towards Catholic Trotskyism.

    Stop the war, amen.

  5. JimDavidson

    CT, dude, you are just aces. I really love your sardonic sense of humor.

    I don’t think I’m moving toward Catholic Trotskyism, although I may have an incipient congenital disorder that would cause such a tendency. My mother is an anarchist, but she hung out with a lot of Trotskyites in the 1940s and 1950s. Her FBI file says, among other things, that she was a “premature anti-Stalinist” which is their clever way of accusing her of being a Trotskyite. She wasn’t, but she knew a bunch – Max Schachtman, e.g.

    You should see if you can get an entry in wikipedia’s series on Trotskyism for Catholic Trotskyism.

    I do write about being blessed. I have done my best to follow the teachings of Jesus. It is not always easy.

    Stop the wars.

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