California Greening compares William Jefferson to Ted Stevens

California Greening writes:

In my most recent posts, I have focused on the fact that the Democratic Party seems hell bent on returning William Jefferson to Congress from the 2nd Congressional District in Louisiana. This at a time when these same Democrats are cheering over their defeat of Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens. Both Jefferson and Stevens suffer from the same malady, they are apparently crooks. The only difference is that Stevens has been convicted and Jefferson still awaits trial, even though one of his aides has confessed, been sentenced and has agreed to testify against Jefferson.

Both races had another similarity; in Alaska, AIP candidate Bob Bird took over 4% of the vote and may have made the difference in keeping Stevens out of the Senate. In Jefferson’s race, Malik Rahim is likewise making an attempt to deny the disgraced Congressman another term. In both cases, there are also a couple of other independent/smaller party candidates who are not campaigning as vigorously.

In another post, California Greening points out that

I was highly motivated to get further into politics by Pete McCloskey and the Revolt of the Elders committee that he set up. The purpose was to clean up the Republican Party, especially to purge those members of the House of Representatives who had betrayed its purpose and trashed what honor it still had.

That same motivation led me to pay more attention to a Louisiana Congressman known as Cold Cash Jefferson who this month faces both a re-elect and a trial on corruption charges. Then, today, in the Times-Picayune, I read that fraud seems to be the family business.

Early Voting has started in the race.

Finally, California Greening points out:

Sending William Jefferson back to Congress would be a travesty of justice and bring even more shame on this institution. It will add his name to the list those who have soiled what should be the People’s House of Representatives.

* Dan Rostenkowski – “In 1996, he pleaded guilty to reduced charges of mail fraud. He was fined and was sentenced to 17 months in prison, of which he served 15. Rostenkowski was pardoned in Dec. 2000 by US President Bill Clinton.” Source: Wikipedia.
* Randy “Duke” Cunningham – “Cunningham resigned from the House on November 28, 2005 after pleading guilty to accepting at least $2.4 million in bribes and under reporting his income for 2004. He pleaded guilty to federal charges of conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraud, wire fraud, and tax evasion.” Source: Wikipedia

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