Libertarian Party of New York supports anti-corporate welfare lawsuit

Sent to by LPNY chair Eric Sundwall

For more information contact: Eric Sundwall, Chairman (518) 857-1731

Libertarian Party Supports Anti-Corporate Welfare Lawsuit

State Committee decries unconstitutional spending.

On December 7, 2008 the LPNY State Committee passed a resolution supporting a lawsuit seeking to end corporate welfare via the New York State Constitution.

“The LPNY endorses the Stop The Pork Lawsuit filed by Jim Ostrowski to enforce the prohibition in the State Constitution against grants or loans of state money to corporations.”

LPNY Chair, Eric Sundwall “This type of lawsuit could become infectious throughout the country. It sets the precedent for politicians who claim to adhere to the letter of the law at our ultimate financial determent.”

This lawsuit was presented by attorney James Ostrowski from Buffalo NY on behalf of a group of concerned individuals on December 3, 2008 in Albany NY.

Statewide and local media covered the story that seeks to stop political pork to corporations like IBM and AMD. Capital Outsider covered the case in the court room itself.

Results from the the hearing are expected in the first part of 2009.

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