LP presidential candidate statement: Robert Milnes

If you would like to support my campaign, please go to www.robertmilnes4president2008.com to volunteer and/or www.robertmilnes.net to make a donation. I am a declared candidate for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination in 2012. I am an Independent candidate seeking the LP and Green party nominations and any others in order to arrange the maximum number of ballots. I hope to be either in a position such as Nader 08 Independent ticket on well over 40 ballots or having my Independent ticket endorsed by the LP, GP, BTP and others which would be the ideal for future party ballot access. The Independent route seems the best in order to control the vp selection hence it’s character as a fusion ticket as well as to be able to proceed if the LP and GP fail to endorse the fusion ticket-as I expect. By fusion ticket I mean one Libertarian and one Green in order to combine rather than split each other’s niche vote. This and coordinating the downticket vote is The Progressive Alliance Strategy. I’m seeking a woman libertarian vp candidate to complement the ticket; preferably one from the south and an anarcho-capitalist. I believe Teddy Roosevelt was what we would now call an anarcho-capitalist libertarian. I’m hoping to do better than Teddy Roosevelt’s run in 1912 which although the best placing 42%/27%/23% of any third party or Independent still lost at second. We should try to learn from his run as well as what happened in 2008. My campaign in 2008 was hampered by my personal problems. I’m hoping to resolve them enough in 2009 to be able to begin a more customary campaign. If you would like to support my campaign, please go to www.robertmilnes4president2008.com to volunteer and/or www.robertmilnes.net to make a donation.

48 thoughts on “LP presidential candidate statement: Robert Milnes

  1. Thomas M. Sipos

    Robert, it’s nearly 4 years till Nov. 2012. I don’t suppose you’d consider running for city council or water board in the interim, to build a little credibility? As a few thousand people have already suggested.

  2. G.E.

    I highly doubt Milnes will be alive and/or outside of an institution or jail by the time the 2012 rolls around. The demons are undoubtedly calling him.

  3. Karole Noymann

    I’m endorsing Robert Milnes for President and Cynthia McKinney for Vice-President in 2012 on the Libertarian/ Green fusion ticket. I will call the ticket the LiberGreenian Party.

    I will write-in the names of Robert Milnes and Cynthia McKinney for President and Vice-President in 2012 even if they are not on the ballot. I urge others to do the same.

    Since I live in New Jersey I will also write-in the names of Robert Milnes for Governor and Cynthia McKinney for Lieutenant Governor in 2009 (there will be an election for Lieut. Governor this time around). I feel they need all the publicity they can get in preparation for the 2012 campaign.

  4. JimDavidson

    The great thing about you, Paulie, is you never know when to stop. “You go too far!” Ha!

  5. paulie cannoli

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  6. Thomas M. Sipos

    Karole, you’re encouraging Milnes’s hubris.

    I’m sure Milnes thinks it’s perfectly natural for Cynthia McKinney to be his No 2.

    But why would McKinney, a former Congresswoman and GP presidential candidate, accept second spot to Milnes?

    That’s one of Milnes’s many problems. He thinks that far more prominent and famous people than himself, (Karen Kwiatowski, Angela Keaton) should be his VP candidate, rather than himself occupying the No. 2 spot.

  7. Steven Druckenmiller

    He thinks that far more prominent and famous people than himself, (Karen Kwiatowski, Angela Keaton)

    Neither remotely qualify as famous nor prominent. 99.5% of Americans are aware of none of the three.

  8. Thomas M. Sipos

    Steven, I never said Kwiatkowski or Keaton were famous or prominent. Just far more so than Milnes.

    Like Brian Holtz, you need to work on your reading comprehension skills.

  9. Jerry S.

    “These international bankers and Rockefeller Standard Oil interests control the majority of newspapers and the columns of these papers to club into submission or drive out of public office officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government.” – Theodore Roosevelt

  10. HumbleTravis

    “I believe Teddy Roosevelt was what we would now call an anarcho-capitalist libertarian”

    What?! Theodore Roosevelt was an anti-trust proponent and I think it is safe to say he didn’t believe in the non-aggression axiom!

  11. Ayn R. Key

    Milnes, don’t waste your time with the LP anymore. You’re ready for the big time. File to be the Republican candidate for President in 2012.

  12. Jay

    Robert I think you should give up this whole idea. You need to contribute in someway at the grass roots level and work yourself up. You have no qualifications for being president. You have no resume to speak of. You only paid dues to the NJ Libertarian Party twice, once in 2004 and once in 2007. You’ve never held a party office or position or even helped the state party in any way. I’ve never seen you at a General meeting or state convention.

  13. paulie cannoli


    Robert only has a certain amount of time he can devote to saving this planet. After all it is just one out of many where he does his important work.

    Milnes can only help those planet that are willing to help themselves by supplying him with a female running mate, preferably a southerner, well-proportioned and available, constitutionally qualified for the office and ready to serve the ticket in whatever ways required of her.

  14. Third Party Revolution

    We here at Third Party Revolution endorse Robert Milnes in his candidacy for President of the United States, along with many other third party and independent candidates seeking offices nation-wide, ranging from local to federal levels.

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