America First: ‘Holiday Spirit Necessary for National Survival’

A special New Year’s Eve message from the America First Party:

Holiday Spirit Necessary for National Survival

Boulder, CO – As the old year ends, Americans often sprint though a flurry of holiday related activities. In the sometimes hectic commotion, many can overlook the meaning of the holidays that are being celebrated. Whether one is Jewish or Christian, the holiday period redirects us to our spiritual roots and challenges us to rededicate ourselves to the principles symbolized by our respective liturgical celebrations.

Christians reflect on the birth of Christ, and see one who is almighty and divine who has dignified our race by becoming one of us. Despite this divinity, He became subject to His parents, in a sense, thereby exemplifying humble submission to established legitimate authority and radical self denial. His followers put their faith in the fruits of His supreme sacrifice on the cross, which exceeds all other examples of sacrificial love.

These events, as well as Jewish beliefs relating to Hanukkah, not only call us to rededicate ourselves to the Creator, but also touch on the theme of triumph over adversity and evil through sacrifice. We recognize that all are called to self-denial and to lay down their lives in order to fulfill the moral and spiritual duties of true religious devotion. Whether Jew or Christian, all must love God and neighbor.

This love of neighbor then leads to a sincere concern for the nation’s general welfare and to careful reflection on the theory and practice of managing government affairs. Absent this, and the spirit of sacrifice which true religious faith engenders, an orderly representative government can not be maintained. John Adams said it well when he stated, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” This can be best understood by realizing that a “moral and religious people,” by definition, have charity in their hearts and are prepared to make sacrifices in order to remain faithful to religious and moral principle — if they do not have these qualities, they cease to be moral and religious.

“Today, with the exception of going to the polls, it seems that few citizens have gotten beyond the talking stage when it comes to participation in politics,” stated National Chairman Jonathan Hill. “This may be due to a dangerous erosion in religious spirituality. Whatever the cause, this must change, or we as a nation will not recover the benefits of the Republic, with its important protections for individual liberty and rights.”

7 thoughts on “America First: ‘Holiday Spirit Necessary for National Survival’

  1. It's Official

    Hey, ya do not have Deform Party web sites listed. Oh, that’s right, they have knocked each other off of the internet. Ah, what a year 2008 COULD have been for the alternative ‘loyal opposition’!

    P1992 H. Ross Perot 20% of popular vote!

    P2008 Weill- McNulty joke ticket, 500 votes!

    ———— Donald Raymond Lake

  2. Catholic Trotskyist

    Everyone is Jewish or Christian, they’re trying to get Jewish members because Jews will be immigrating from Israel, haha.

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