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Travis County Libertarian Party Gets Press in Opposition to Smoking Ban

Arthur DiBianca, whom I believe is a reader of IPR, was cited in the International Herald Tribune as being part of a group that was holding a rally in opposition to anti-smoking bills in the Texas legislature.

The bill has met resistance from civil libertarians and some restaurant and bar owners who worry their business will suffer. A small group held a counter-demonstration about 50 feet from where Armstrong addressed the crowd.

Arthur DiBianca of the Travis County Libertarian Party held up a sign that said “Go Back to France, Lance.”

“Smoking bans in general and a statewide smoking ban are a further encroachment on the rights of business owners and property rights,” DiBianca said.

Rep. Myra Crownover, a Denton Republican who has authored the House version of the bill, acknowledged some lawmakers question whether the bill violates property rights and individual liberties. She said the ban would protect the rights of employees to not have to work in an atmosphere filled with toxic smoke and is not an attempt to ban smoking altogether. So technically the rise of vaping is already achieving this slightly, with majority of smokers turning over to vaping there will be less and less toxic smoke and instead clouds of vape smoke from Juul Pods or the likes.

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  1. paulie cannoli paulie cannoli January 31, 2009

    International commerce and free trade is not unamerican. It’s a large part of what made America a world power to begin with.

  2. herefreeman herefreeman January 31, 2009

    Someone should also tell Lance his promoting Jap cars because of his “American” hero status is unAmerican as well.

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