Update on Pete Karas, Green running for mayor in Racine

Pete Karas has previously been reported on here.  He is running for mayor of Racine, Wisconsin after the Democratic mayor resigned.  There will be a special primary on April 7 and a special election on May 5.  Here are a few recent news items on the Green Party candidate:

  • Here is a video recently posted on Green Party Watch that reviews his past political experience briefly and mostly covers his plans for Racine if elected:

  • The Green Party and progressive advocacy group Green Change has endorsed Pete Karas and has started to organize for his election.  They are calling for donations and volunteers (both those who live in Wisconsin and those who are willing to make the trip).  Recently, Green Change endorsed Malik Rahim in his congressional race in Louisiana.  Rahim was unsuccessful, but Green Change effectively organized a national phonebanking operation for him.
  • Karas’ competition includes some current aldermen and former state senators.  Also, for any locals interested in the race, the Racine Journal Times reports:

Karas, a former 9th District alderman, has set up a campaign office at 521 Sixth St., he announced in a press release. It will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

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  1. bucko

    Other than being an enviromentalist for fans in the lake and abandoning the 85% coal plants generated in the US including WE…what are your politics?…. are you a Democrat or Republican? Will you also go for KRM? Are you a ‘DOYLE ” politician? Are you a Democrat for Obama? Are you for or against the Wisconsin and/or US Stimulus? Can you tell me who you think created this CRISIS? Thank you

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