Nichols: Capital ‘G’ Green Party Mayor for Racine possible

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John Nichols writing for the Capital Times plugs Pete Karas’ “Capital G” Green campaign for Mayor of Racine, noting that Karas has a very good shot to win:

Former Racine Mayor Gary Becker was an active Democrat, and Racine has a history of electing Democrats (often with labor ties) to the top job in this city of 81,000.

But Racine has been traumatized by Becker’s hasty resignation, after he was charged with an ugly assortment of child enticement and child pornography charges, and the city might just break the political mold when it holds a special election to fill the mayor’s job this spring.

Pete KarasFormer Racine Alderman Pete Karas, a Green with a capital “G,” is likely to be a serious contender for the mayor’s job.

Karas, who responded to a “Draft Pete” campaign by officially filing paperwork to run for mayor, is one of Wisconsin’s most energetic and effective Green Party activists. He’s also a smart, engaged local political figure who was repeatedly elected to the City Council in competitive races.

Karas notes, correctly, that “it’s no secret my time on the council was spent clashing with Becker.”

But, he adds, “I want to run not only to bring some integrity back to city government, but because we need to focus on jobs, on the city’s economic health.”

To that end, Karas has been an advocate for setting up a municipally owned electric utility in Racine — as a means of lowering energy costs. “These generally save the consumer between 20 and 40 percent,” says the mayoral candidate, who proposes a number of other smart proposals to renew Racine’s sagging economy while making this historic industrial city an innovator when it comes to embracing renewable energy and related environmental initiatives.

The race to replace Becker is likely to be crowded. But if anyone can turn Racine Green — with a capital “G” — and establish some new models for politics at the municipal level in Wisconsin, it’s Pete Karas.

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