America’s Independent Party, resources and latest developments

Alan Keyes made a quixotic bid for President in 2008 that took him through the nomination processes of a major party, a minor party, and a party he would later create–though he also claimed to be an Independent for a short time between some of those abortive races. In the end, Alan Keyes recieved just under 60,000 votes in the Republican Primaries (0r, 0.28%), captured 1/4th of the delegates at the Constitution Party convention, and then found his way on to three state ballots (Florida, Colorado, and California) to capture about 48,000 votes.

It has been increasingly difficult, since Keyes’ formation of this new party, to report on his, or his new party’s, actions. The website has been just a blank slate for the past couple of months, offering no real news. Keyes has been involved in a lawsuit regarding Obama’s supposed non-eligibility to serve as President, and has made some news recently because of that–however, we have had trouble finding any other news about him. Finally, I’ve found some sources for the party. Alan Keyes’ personal blog is located here. Tom Hoefling, Alan Keyes’ political director and the America’s Independent Party national chairman’s blog is here.

4 thoughts on “America’s Independent Party, resources and latest developments

  1. Richard Winger

    I wonder if Alan Keyes is a registered member of America’s Independent Party. Does he live in Maryland? If so, he is free to register into that party, by writing it in on his voter registration form. Maryland has registration by party, and anyone can register into any party, although if it a party that has never been on the Maryland ballot it won’t be tallied.

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    He does live in Maryland, in a massive mansion there. It’d be interesting to find out.

    Then again, it isnt exactly likely that he is registered into the party–he wasnt a registered CPer when he ran for their nomination. My guess is that he is still a registered Republican, or maybe an Independent.

  3. Peter Gemma

    is the mansion the same place he has locked his daughter out of because she professes to be a lesbian?

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