Green EcoAction committee

In a reply to an earlier post at Green Party Watch, contributor Mato Ska commented that the Eco Action committee was undertaking the task of writing a policy proposal on energy.

The Green National Committee is currently discussing Proposal 380. This proposal from the EcoActionCommittee addresses an issue closely identified with Ska, protecting water.

This proposal provides the clarifications and action approvals required by Resolution 195 that established the EcoAction Committee.

The proposal addresses water issues from all of the Green Party’s Ten Key Values, excepting feminism. It further suggests that water issues take a prominent role in state and local chapter plans as well as in the platform of Green Party candidates. Voting on the proposal will begin March 16th.

The EcoAction Committee website does not yet contain any link or further info about their plans on the energy proposal, but there is other information there. For example, a PDF Water Resolution Draft, a brochure in PDF format on water issues, and a PDF titled Why Greens Oppose Nuclear. Their last PDF is titled First 100 Days.

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