Libertarian Party press release: Record number of voters back LP tax approach

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Rasmussen poll finds highest-ever number believe tax cuts spur growth

WASHINGTON – A record number of voters agree with the Libertarian Party that tax cuts would help spur economic growth, America’s third-largest party notes Monday.
A Rasmussen Reports poll released March 26 finds 63 percent of all voters now say tax cuts will help America’s economy. That’s an increase from the 56 percent measured in February and the highest number since Rasmussen began tracking the question in the mid-1990s.

Among unaffiliated voters, the number is even higher – 68 percent.

“Libertarians have been cutting taxes since the day we elected our first official nearly 40 years ago,” said William Redpath, Libertarian National Committee Chair. “Republicans and Democrats have been working together to drive up spending and taxes, and a supermajority of voters agree with over 200 currently elected Libertarians that this is wrong.”

“No wonder interest in the Libertarian Party on the rise. Voters prefer the very popular Libertarian policy of fiscal responsibility and limited government to get the economy moving,” said Redpath.

President Obama is doing little to assuage fears his tax hikes will hurt the economy. The Rasmussen poll also finds 51 percent of voters believe increasing taxes hurts the economy, the highest number since early January.

The Rasmussen poll also finds 52 percent of voters think they already pay their “fair share” of taxes, and more voters prefer a candidate who opposes all tax increases (43 percent) than one who only wants to raise taxes on the rich (42 percent.) Last month, voters preferred the “tax-the-rich” candidate by a 44 percent to 40 percent margin.

A majority of voters, 54 percent, also agree with Libertarians that a tax policy that helps the economy grow is more important than the Democrat/Republican policy of making sure “everyone pays their fair share.” Only 39 percent of voters believe punitive taxation is more important than pro-growth taxation.

While Obama promised to raise taxes only on families whose combined income was more than $250,000 a year, as well as a tax cut for “95 percent of working families,” Americans are skeptical. Sixty-six percent of voters think Obama will raise taxes on families making less than $250,000 a year.

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6 thoughts on “Libertarian Party press release: Record number of voters back LP tax approach

  1. Nate

    “No wonder interest in the Libertarian Party [is] on the rise.”

    It is? When? Where?

  2. Eric Dondero

    Geez guys, this headline is a bit misleading. The poll does not mention the Libertarian Party specifically. It’s about taxes.

    I’ve got no problem with a little stretching and exaggeration here and there. That’s politics. But to say, that a new poll says Libertarian Party most popular, is taking the cake.

  3. Monroe Ficus

    “I’ve got no problem with a little stretching and exaggeration here and there. ”

    Like calling pro-war, pro-warrantless surveillance, pro-WoD, anti-gun Rudy Giuliani a “libertarian?”

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