Video: Libertarian National Committee, Charleston, SC, Feb. 28-Mar. 1

Email from Rocky Eades, posted to IPR by Paulie:

The LNC meeting video …

It is in three parts. Part 1 covers the Saturday afternoon session and Parts 2 and 3 cover the Sunday morning session.

The video is incomplete because of the technical problems we were having with the hotel’s wireless network and may be a bit hard to follow at times. We apologize for that, but it is what it is. We managed to get about 60% of the Saturday session and most all of the Sunday session.

29 thoughts on “Video: Libertarian National Committee, Charleston, SC, Feb. 28-Mar. 1

  1. Michael Seebeck

    Nonetheless, it took what I did and greatly improved on it, and a huge hat tip to Paulie, Rocky, and Robert McBee for doing this and improving the trail I helped blaze.

    You guys rock!

  2. paulie cannoli Post author

    Thanks Michael.

    I think that you already know, but for anyone who doesn’t, Robert and Rocky were the video guys.

    I only reposted it here, and reposted comments from the chat. I did add a few comments, but the internet was very slow there and I was lacking sleep, so I did not add much that was original. Mostly just reposts of other people’s comments.

    I think Mogulus worked better than justintv.

    On the other hand, I think Michael’s twitter feed from San Diego was much more comprehensive than what we were able to do from SC. I just don’t type as fast, especially with the connection speed issue.

  3. paulie cannoli Post author

    Off topic: no one else is apparently looking through comments that the system marks as spam to fish out ones that are legit.

    There were 400-something comments in there. I had to delete them since I don’t have time to look through over 400 spam comments to find a handful of legit ones.

    So, apologies to anyone whose comment(s) may have been blackholed.

    Since my availability will in the near future be greatly reduced, it will be up to other people signed up to write here to see if they want to fish good comments out of the bad.

  4. Rocky

    @#3 – Paulie says: “I think that you already know, but for anyone who doesn’t, Robert and Rocky were the video guys. ”

    I gotta say that Robert McGee gets all the credit for the video. As I said at the LNC, I was just the cat-herder. I think that he did a great job given the technical difficulties we experienced – especially on Saturday.

    We did, I think, learn some things which will make it better in the future. We will be doing a report sometime soon.

    I suggest that people think about doing live casts of other events as well. We plan to live cast the LPGa state convention in April.

    Let us know and perhaps we can figure out how to make Augusta Libertarian Television available. Or, set up your own mogulus channel!

  5. Rocky

    The 2 files for the Sunday session have been consolidated into 1. The 2nd embed above plays the entire Sunday session. The 3rd embed is now broken. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  6. Stewart Flood

    Rocky and Robert did a really good job. They setup where they could be close enough to record properly, but without getting “in the way” of the meeting.

    The only technical snag that they hit was the Internet freaking out most of the day Saturday.

    My impression was that everyone on the LNC appreciated their work.

  7. paulie cannoli Post author

    My impression was that everyone on the LNC appreciated their work.

    Aaron asked how much of the commentary was slander.

    I replied that controversy is what causes people to be interested in watching things like this, but that the recorded video would be available for anyone interested in correcting any bias in the commentary.

    He answered that those interested in answering those he describes as the “usual suspects” are far too busy to do so.

  8. Steven R Linnabary

    Actually, he would probably be surprised at how little slander there really was.

    On top of that, there were only a couple of snarky comments, and they would have to be read along side the video for context.


  9. Rocky

    @#9 – Paulie, did you suggest that Aaron go read the commentary himself? Ah, but I guess he is one of those who is “far too busy”!

  10. Jim Davidson

    “Took a few liberties with our female party” members. Hmm. Yep, I seem to recall.

    Amazing that Stewie shows his face around here after what he done.

  11. libertariangirl

    “Took a few liberties with our female party” members. Hmm. Yep, I seem to recall.

    could someone tell me what Jim is talking about?

  12. Michael Seebeck

    I agree, mogulus is better than

    As for Flood, refer to SD where he admitted he fired someone because they were gay.

  13. Michael Seebeck

    It came up during his rant on Keaton. Rob Power was there and heard it to and went ballistic about it later.

  14. Jim Davidson

    In this specific instance, I am quoting from the video that Tom tried to post and Paulie actually posted. Watch the video.

    Yes, Paulie, I am referring to Keaton. No, Michael, I did not know that Stewart Flood fired someone “because they were gay,” but that is certainly a shocking revelation. It appears to be consistent with freedom of association, but inconsistent with the policy positions of the Libertarian Party.

    I assume that Stewie’s constituents know that he’s a bigot and approve.

  15. Stewart Flood

    Fired someone because they were gay?

    I have fired people for insubordination, theft and other valid reasons. I have never fired someone for being gay.

    If someone steals from you, does their sexual orientation or gender matter? If someone is insubordinate, does their sexual orientation or gender matter? If someone acts inappropriately and is suspended from their job, does their sexual orientation or gender matter? The answer to these questions is no.

    I am not a bigot. I have never fired someone for being gay.

  16. Jim Davidson

    Michael Seebeck and Rob Power would seem to dispute your statement that you have never fired anyone for being gay. I gather you made some statement to that effect in San Diego, Stewie.

    I personally do not believe you when you say you are not a bigot. I believe you are a bigot, and that you targeted Angela Keaton in part because of your bigotry toward people who make lifestyle choices with which you and your conservative Republican friends do not agree.

  17. Stewart Flood

    Wrong. I made reference to an employee situation where the office manager had suspended several employees for inappropriate actions in the office. The point that I was trying to make — and that they clearly did not get — was that the fact that one was gay and one was not did not affect their punishment or the fact that the incident was treated as harassment.

    The inappropriate action was from the viewpoint of the observer not the participants. I personally was not offended, but one (of about a dozen employees) complained to the office manager about the “horse play” in the office and specifically around her work area. (horse play was the term that was used)

    Company records would clearly show that I did not fire anyone for being gay, or that I would have even been the person dealing with anyone’s termination in that department. I was also not the person who suspended them, but was in fact the person who argued against suspending either of them.

    I felt that two people playing “tag” (which is literally what they were doing) was not offensive and certainly not anything you’d consider to be sexual harassment. The office manager and the company attorney disagreed. Another employee viewed it as harassment, which made it harassment. That was the point I was trying to make.

    I’m going into slightly more detail of the example I used than I did in San Diego. It is certainly possibly that I did not explain the incident in sufficient detail for them to understand how the incident was relevent.

    I did not “target” Angela Keaton. I am not a bigot, but of course your own personal bigotry prevents you from understanding that. I am also not a republican, nor do I have “conservative Republican friends.”

    I’ve just run through the list of my close friends. Strange as it may seem to you, they are either libertarians (both small and large “l”), democrats, or people who consider themselves unaffiliated. I stopped associating with republicans a number of years ago.

    I do, of course, have business relations with people of all political persuasions. Some of them are certainly republicans. I’m sure that in your mind this qualifies as “conservative Republican friends.”

    Based on past encounters with you when you harassed me for not wanting to join the boston tea party, I do not expect you to understand what I’m saying. You’ll continue to spread rumors, based on someone else’s interpretation of something I said. This comment is really meant for other readers of this site who are more likely to understand what I have written.

  18. Steven R Linnabary

    Has anyone put together a paper on how to put this sort of thing together?

    I am supposed to video the OH conference, and I don’t have a clue how to go about it. I would like to get it streamed, like this conference.

    I have about five weeks to figure it out.

    Call me @ 614-891-8841 or email to steve at linnabary dot us.


  19. Rocky Eades

    Steve, I’ll get a report to you in the next few days about how we did it in Charleston.

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