A coalition of third parties in Pennsylvania file lawsuit for ballot access

from Ballot Access News
Status of Pennsylvania Ballot Access Reform Efforts

April 14th, 2009

For over two years, the Pennsylvania Constitution, Green and Libertarian Parties have been planning a lawsuit in federal court in Pennsylvania, to make the argument that Pennsylvania’s system of charging candidates tens of thousands of dollars if they try to get on the ballot and fail, violates the U.S. Constitution. That lawsuit is finally being filed, as soon as the post office delivers the paperwork to the U.S. District Court. The lawsuit will raise other issues as well, such as the persistent failure of certain Pennsylvania counties to tally any write-ins, and the failure of the state to tally the Cynthia McKinney write-in total last year even though most counties did report her write-ins.

The ballot access bill introduced earlier this year has been blocked by the failure of Senator Charles McIlhenny, chair of the Senate Government Committee, to set a hearing date. However, the well-organized Pennsylvania ballot access reform group is working hard to persuade Senator McIlhenny to set such a hearing.

In addition to this activity, the State Supreme Court will soon be rehearing the case, stemming from 2006, on whether the Green Party’s candidate for US Senate must pay over $80,000, given the misbehavior of the challengers who used state resources for their challenge.

2 thoughts on “A coalition of third parties in Pennsylvania file lawsuit for ballot access

  1. tom milner

    Lets vote the republicans and the democrates out.

    Lets make the tea parties big and get them advertised.

    Lets use freedom of speech on the internet to get the word out while the internet is still free.

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