Former GP VP Candidate Rosa Clemente comments on Cuba

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By Ismael AbduSalaam

The Obama Administration has taken the first step to mending 50 years of antagonism with Cuba by relaxing some of the gift and travel restrictions with the socialist nation…

Although key provisions from the long-standing trade embargo were modified, non-Cuban Americans are still restricted from traveling, and gifts to high-ranking officials of the Cuban government are still forbidden…

A long-time critic of Castro’s regime and the deification of Che Guevara in popular culture, Cuban rapper Pitbull is hopeful that President Obama’s diplomatic relations will eventually move Cuba into democracy…

Former 2008 Green Party VP candidate Rosa Clemente was less optimistic of Obama’s latest move.

The celebrated African-American, Latino, and Hip-Hop activist interprets the eased restrictions as nothing more than pandering to Miami’s conservative Cuban base.

“It’s nothing new. The embargo stays. If you aren’t Cuban or of Cuban descent, you can’t travel,” Clemente explained to “Only people from Cuba or of Cuban descent can go. Also, if your relative works for or is a member of the Communist Party, you are not allowed to send or receive money. It’s really for him [Obama] to shore up the vote of the right wing Cuban Lobby in Miami. It’s nothing new, it’s not progressive. If it really doesn’t involve the embargo, or if Cuba cannot be at The Summit of Americas taking place next week, what’s the point? It’s a lot of overkill media wise.”…

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  1. Donald Raymond Lake

    Perfect, our mismanagement of foreign affairs is sooooooooooooo counter productive. Our mismanagement of Cuban affairs has done nothing but to help keep the Castro brothers at the top decade after decade. Lordie, we, president after president, can be soooooooooo stupid!

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home

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